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  1. I'm unsure of why that is. I'd have to say that it'd have to do with the company itself and to how the staff agree... possibly not enough funding, waiting for more state-of-the-art fleet t come out for a full upgrade, name it. But I could be totally wrong. Does your station/service use automatic ones? As you said about the back injuries, I'm curious about that as well...
  2. Very welcome. Oh, manual... I've heard talk about those and putting on more pressure than automated ones. Fingers crossed your station/bay uses the automatic cots. Haha, yes, I don't even work and find that already something to agree with... I am only studying EMT, not even a student yet, but I'd see if there's another person at AMR you can contact about your hours. But I wish you best of luck!
  3. Glad to hear you passed! For the cots, what does the company or training source use? Are they manual or automatic? Just given that some "newer" ones are automated, which will allow for easier lifts/transfer. As well as I am short, at 4,11" and have stopped growing... Obstacle much? Haha.
  4. I did not take anything personally, nor got angry or anything of that nature, I am glad I got feedback and suggestion because it will help for future reference and that is why I did post this in this forum. And I like how you wrote your son those books, and are hoping to get them published, that is great! Also, I am fine with the review first done, although it may have seemed harsh (at first reading it was, but then I told myself to see from your perspective and I saw where you were coming from). So thank-you. Lastly, yes, another video will be made (not sure finish date yet,
  5. Apologies, but I do not know your expectations, so I don't know exactly what you are looking for. But I am trying to see from your side and I see how you think the separate lines are separating personnel further. As well as the fact that I am not EMT yet, and am counting down until the state age for training in EMT provider. That also I was making the video trying to show my appreciation to Emergency Service Providers. I was not sure what all I could use due to copyright standards and so forth, yet instead just put together [Like on some other videos] and added music I thought correspond
  6. That's actually very neat, wow, 700, must be very busy for you then! You must feel very happy that you get to work with a machine to prevent disaster. Amazing, and very lucky. Hahaha have looked at Salary and they are pretty lousy... True, though. I am more into just helping people though, and not really about money... I think it's that way with most EMT's, maybe even you? Yeah, a their programs have us taken for a while... Never actually really thought about life being shortened as a service result... I reckon that is accurate, but I am curious about maybe we can help ou
  7. Ah, okay. That is true about the PTSD part, I already have that, but it's much better... I'd sure hope to, I think it'd be a nice thing to do. How do you like it so far?
  8. Dang. Better use the kill switch next time.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk6reastimM&lc=z122dlc5ylivy3tdu22jg1f5vrftjrp4504.1492994145239055 Recently when just watching more training videos, I've seen a whole bunch on EMS assaults and violent encounters, that is just horrible... It is one of the few things that victims will be willing to talk about.
  10. I have heard about the mentioned topics before as well, I see where you're coming from. I, myself am on Antidepressants, and Antipsychotics, but I fear with my Mental Health diagnosis and history, I might not be "suitable" for EMS personnel position.... Advice? Thank you, you as well.
  11. What did the EMT's travel in pairs? They wanted to become a Pair-A-Medics! -AEMT off Google
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