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  1. Hi All Im a paramedic with years of experience in fire, flight and third service. I’ve been out of the field for a few years and am relocating to Jacksonville Florida. I’d love a little part time or volunteer work, to keep my skills sharp and maintain my license. I don’t care much about pay, I have a great full time job. What I really want is a place I can run calls either EMS or CCT (I’m FP-C Certified) and am open to driving. A huge plus would be a service that takes part in disaster relief so I can help in tropical storm situations. Any recommendations would be really appreciated,
  2. You can't call into service. You are lying. I'm not trying to bash you, I know it can be a hard call. The only ethical thing you can do is to call dispatch and let them know you are out of service due to manpower. Then make sure your supervisor knows. I speak from experience, I had a partner just like this.
  3. Great advice. If you have days off take them. Recharge. This is exactly how great medics get burned out. To second Dust, 17 min scene time..Bravo Zulu. Good Job.
  4. Good point. I have never worked for a vollie squad so I'm unaware of how the work regarding billing. If they treat or transport don't they still bill the pt?
  5. etfink

    New ACLS Save!

    All right here we go: Our electrical therapy was in accordance with the 2005 AHA ECC guidelines. Stacked shocks are out. Check the AHA website you can download the new algorithms if you don't have access to them. In my post I said that he converted into PEA with a first degree heart block. PEA- Pulseless Electrical Activity, you do not need to show a perfect sinus rhythm with out ectopy to be in PEA. Our pt showed a first degree heart block with no pulses. That is PEA. He had a good rate on the monitor so we tried a fluid challenge before epi. It worked, after a challenge we had radial pulses. I think we were wrong to bag while doing compressions. I've talked to my partner and called our prehospital coodorinator. We should have done 200 compressions with no ventilations. Once the pt is intubated, you don't stop for cycles. That was our confusion. This is a good discussion. We had a save which is great however if we made mistakes I would like to find them so that we can do better with our next pt.
  6. Please don't take offense because I don't mean any. That is what we were all told in EMT school and I always thought it was crap. We are giving a drug. If we ever want to elevate our profession we can not stand for answers like this. Go out research learn a little A&P, or ge content to be a Gurney Tech/Driver.
  7. Remember we are in a BLS thread, although I agree with you. SAM splints rock. There is not much I cant splint with SAM splints blankets and tape. As for the cost, The pt's insurance or medicare pays for it.
  8. etfink

    New ACLS Save!

    Unsure exactly what caused the arrest. He converted eventually into a Sinus First Degree Block rhythm. Hx of stroke and high blood pressure. Don't worry about raining on my parade. While the end result was that the patient converted was at least admitted alive, we have to be willing to examine our actions ex post facto. I'm starting medic school in Jan and if I can't listen to critisim or critique given with good intentions than I'm in the wrong field. I post here and read here to learn and maybe at some point share something that other may learn from.
  9. etfink

    New ACLS Save!

    We are involved in a prehospital study, so the protocols may seem a little weird. To be very honest it is frustrating because several departments are using the old AHA protocols, some using new protocols and some are involved with this study. Because of the system several agencies often work together and there can cause confusion. I will look into wether we were wrong to bag before intubation. I don't believe we were. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. etfink

    New ACLS Save!

    Sorry I was not clear. Our medical direction is to ventilate via BVM if a second rescuer is available. You do not stop compressions.
  11. etfink

    New ACLS Save!

    Thanks it was. It was one of those calls that make all of the "flu-like symptoms" worth it. LOL
  12. Great call last night: Dispatched C3 for a MVA, minor damage. U/A pt found slumped over steering wheel, unresponsive, apneic, pulseless. Wife states pt became unresponsive drifted and struck parked car. Pt was rapidly extricated to long board. Here is where it gets cool: Per new protocols for unwitnessed arrest began continuous chest compressions 100 per min for 2 min while bagging every 5 sec. Pt placed on monitor which showed microfine v-fib. Pt shocked once at 360J. Converted to PEA with a rate of 75. Intubated, two IVs established 14s in right and left ACs NS wide open. 250cc fluid challenge. Palpable radial pulses present. BP 80/palp. Rapid transport. En route: Lidocaine bolus and drip hung. At hospital pt started bucking the tube, pupils were reactive and bp raised to 125/77. Discussion- While this was just a single point of reference I really liked the 200 compressions prior to any other inverventions. The theory is that the heart needs to be primed and that there is sufficient O2 left in the blood stream. Another collateral advantage was that it gave us 2 minutes to organize, get equipment and meds staged and compose ourselves. I really don't see how this call could have run better. I just wanted to run this by the forum because this is the first cod I've run under the new protocols. What have you seen out there? By the way I just got the call last Friday that I've been accepted to medic school in Jan. I can't wait, I'm already studying every free second I have.
  13. they work great when tryint to start a lone on pts with vety brittle viens. Much easier to avoid blowing them.
  14. I've heard good thing about REMSA. Anybody have first hand experience?
  15. OMG. I just finished my FF 1 and 2 classes. At the end we had the NFPA first responder. No matter what cert you already had, we were required to attend. What a complete joke. I was terrified to believe that after a few classes these people might be called to respond to a medical emergence. What was worse was that this "class" and this first responder "cert" made them believe that they were qualified. Disgusting!
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