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  1. I understand what you are saying. I appreciate the advice, and thank you for being respectfully candid.
  2. 4 months. It was actually hard for most people in my class. I found myself having more trouble with my own stress than the tests themselves. What I remember is "They tell the medic classes every year to put a picture of yourself on the fridge for your family, because that is all that your family is gonna see of you for the next 8 months. I want you to think the same way with the end of the course coming up, LOSE your life right now." They were probably more speaking of medic when they said this, but it came up quite a few times at the beginning and end of the course. I have the best instructors I could have asked for. My whole class passed because of them (3 people dropped, but no one failed)
  3. I have no problem with you, and I realize your opinion may hold a lil more weight than mine, but I still feel the way I do. I understand completely what you are saying, and I to an extent I agree.. but I still treat this as my life. I don't have a girlfriend. I have 2 friends. Literally. I chose this life knowing everything else would com second. I understand not everyone works like this, but for people like me, it does. I can see how your opinion may be a little more beneficial to people with kids, but still.
  4. Im not really sure what your problem is.. I have an opinion, you have yours.
  5. We may have to agree to disagree on this. My EMS instructors told me on the first day to put a picture of yourself on the fridge for your family, because that is the only time they are gonna see you over the duration of the class. It's just my opinion. I can appreciate yours.
  6. I had a girl in my EMT class who had 5 kids. It can be done. EMS usually works 24 hour shifts, two days a week where I live. It can vary, though. EMT school will be the most important thing in your life. Your kid obviously has to be taken care of, so that means EMT will cut way into your free time (and it did for me. And I'm 20 and live at home with no kids.) I would do it. It's amazing the things I've seen. I've done CPR on a man in front of his wife and got a pulse back. I've rushed into someone's house with the fire department to pull a man out who loss consciousness making his family breakfast. It's indescribable.
  7. Working in the ER. About 5 minutes before I my shift ends another patient comes into triage. I'm pissed because I'm the rookie EMT who has to do all the shitwork (and for a good reason. I needed to learn hands on) but I'm tired. So I decide not to leave my wonderful RN preceptor with this last pt. I grab the pt who is a 90 year old woman with her two daughters, and I'm writing down vitals when the one daughter slams her hands down on the desk and stares intensly at me. Extremely creeped out, I just tried to ignore it. This went on for about 15 seconds until I again awkwardly made eye contact and she exclaimed, "DAYUM BOY YOUS KINDA SEXY." At this point I probably had the most disgusted look on my face, which makes me feel terrible because no one ever gives me compliments. It took me a good ten seconds to reply to this.. Comment, and I the only thing I could think to say is "you uh, caught me off guard there." She continued on about how she was actually 60 years old and she likes to joke around, but "for real boy you be sexy as hell." to which the nurse replied, "Jake, didn't you say you were single?"
  8. I just finished EMT a few weeks ago and passed NREMT yesterday. The best advice I can give to any new student is to have your priorities straight. EMS comes before EVERYTHING in your life. Studying for your tests comes before seeing your friends. You need to dedicate at least 3-4 hours at minimum every day to study for your exams. After you finish a test you may have a few days you can study less, but when a test is coming up, GO HARD. It all comes down to the amount of effort you are willing to put forth. A lot of people struggled because they had other things they thought were more important. You don't need to be worried. Just know that THIS is your life now. I'm sure if you try your hardest you will do fantastic!
  9. Thanks guys. I'll definitely look into that!
  10. I'm not moving anywhere. I live at home with my parents, and I am completely broke. EMT-B is over in July, and that is already paid for. I'm 99% positive I don't qualify for grants/scholarships. It's horrible, but I'll learn to live with it I don't really want to be a RN in the same way I want to be a Medic, I just want it for an extra job and skillset/job security (A lot of medics can't be medics forever)
  11. You guys know any accredited Medic to RN programs that are online?
  12. I live in St. Louis. EMT is about $2000 and medic is $9k before books and uniforms. I can't use FAFSA either, because no schools take student loans. I have to get one from a bank
  13. If I can find the money, I will. Idk how much nursing school would cost me, but Medic school is gonna run me nearly five figures.
  14. I worked with an ER medic. I hate the ER. ..and most people started lines without any BSI precautions. So that was gross. It was a kinda ghetto area level 2 center. I like the stability of RN, but I want to be on the street. I just wanted to know my opinions if I had the money, I'd just do both!
  15. So I've obviously worked with medics on the truck and in the ER, and been taught by one.. but what other jobs would NRP open up for me? Can you work on other floors of a hospital (besides the ER) or work for a physician? I'd like to know all of my options I have. Thanks, Jake
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