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  1. Wish granted you now have a robot to do all your paper work. On the downside, the motor fries up inside.... I wish I could travel the world
  2. At my station, our policy is, you don't wear it you don't ride. You show up with out it, there's hell to pay. Every active member has gear that meets all safety requirements. On our coats we have the new reflective vest with the five point break outs. Why? Safety that's why. Safety is the number one priority. Don't like it? Go somewhere else, we don't have time for mistakes or injuries. Do you wear all your gear for training? I know the answer is yes. So why not during the real thing? Do as you train, train as you do. Common sense, training, and the ability to listen can save a lot of lives
  3. Granted but you fall into a crater and can't get out. I wish money grew on trees.
  4. HAPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY KAISU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Good job Ruffy way to try and keep the world safe You get an Atta' boy!
  6. I want proof. More than just "My English friends said." Where is the evidence? News Articles, something come on.
  7. Ok, so I'm taking the HazMat Operations class is a prereq for my firefighter 1 class and a few other classes. We were talking about WMD's last class and I forgot to ask my instructor so I thought I would bring this to the forums. If someone knowingly has aids, and has sexual relations with a large amount of people because the person knows that he or she has aids and wants to spread the disease to cause death etc...would it be considered a WMD or an act of terrorism?
  8. Here for the most part its a mutual thing. Someone from the EMS side and someone from the fire/rescue side work together in command so that we can get the job done. They establish command then ask us (whoever' is in the car with the pt) what we want done, and they put it in place. It works really well, but like everything else it sometimes fails because well it is not a perfect world and you have this.
  9. Still trying to learn. How old were you when you lost your first tooth
  10. First, this is a tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go to the friends, family, co-workers, etc. Now, I agree with Terri on this. It is a tragedy that he was murdered, but trying to treat this different by saying kill him right now, instead of treating him like any other murderer is wrong and bias. I'm in EMS, yeah it makes me upset that a fellow EMS worker was murdered. But it happens, and we can't be biased. We are all just humans. Every murderer should be treated equally. They should all have a trial because yes this is America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Yes this was
  11. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those involved. Dust I agree with you. It's a tragedy no matter how you look at it. Everyone be careful out there. Anything can happen at any time
  12. Welcome from Pennsylvania! I hope you enjoy your stay at EMT City....your total cost for today will be 5698.69 checks/money order can be made payable to me
  13. Well, I'm out. The hopes of meeting you wonderful people was great, but work wont allow it. Sorry, but hey maybe this summer party up my way?
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