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  1. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Hi from Alberta, Canada   

    Welcome to the city. Any questions at all, feel free to ask....we don't bite, though mobey does drool a little........lol.
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  2. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Nitrous Oxide   

    the BLS service I work for uses Entonox. I have found it fairly effective as a drug in quite a few cases, but in my experience you have to watch it with the 'nox as some people do not react well with it (cue vomit) and others I have witnessed the patient be complete unaffected by the gas.
    And yes I did shake the cylinder so they were getting the mixed gas, lol.
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  3. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Feeling down and wondering if I will ever get back on the truck   

    I;ve been in situation myself as of late not knowing whether or not I am going too step foot on truck again due to medical issues. I definitely understand what you are saying,and am hoping to hell I get cleared back to work myself.
    I am reasonably sure that it's a question that, forced medically or not, everyone in this profession faces at some point or other.All we can do to answer that question is take the time to reason it out, and not force the issue. If we go back before medically cleared, are we a help or a danger to the patient? Same question if someone is completely burned out and they are not sure if they want to do this job anymore. This job is a passion for most, and time away from our passion drives us nuts.
    All that being said, if you are not medically cleared, as much as it might hurt, at least having a fall back which you can feel good about is a good thing.
    I guess what I'm saying is this, everyone ponders the how long we can do this profession. Some people answer the question themselves, and others have it answered for them. Until you find out what your answer is, take it one day at a time, and let things happen as they do. It's what I'm doing.
    Hope this helps
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  4. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Running Your Own 1st Aid/CPR Training Courses   

    regardless of wheher you are training for Red Cross, of SJA, they are both good at supporting their instructors. Probably easier to find a school to teach for under SJA, but I personally like and stick with the Red Cross program as I find it is written for the general public with zero medical experience. There are a multitude of training centre's around, you just need to check your yellow pages.
    As for being a paramedic first? Not at all. there are instructors out there whom have no EMS experience what so ever. EMS experience is definitely an asset, but by no means a requirement.
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  5. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Running Your Own 1st Aid/CPR Training Courses   

    Hey Jungaree, I would in all honesty recomend teaching for another education services for awhile as a new instructor and let them absorb some of the costs. Equipment wise you will be looking at $2000 minimum for equipment and teaching aids, Also depending which agency you are teaching with (Saint John, Heart and Stroke, etc) You will have to pay $300/mos for liability and errors and omissions insurance, and with Red Cross that Insurance is mandatory. Just some food for thought.
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  6. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Chicago Fire - may be a rehash   

    It's emtertainment flat out, and they are pandering to the lowest common denominator. Face it. Sex sells. And despite what they get wrong, they do get a bunch right, and it does have a half-assed decent storyline. As has been mentioned, it's a drama pandering to the masses, not to those of us in the services. I enjoy it, because I take it for what it is. BS
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  7. thrutheashes added a post in a topic cpr temp card   

    Canadian Heart and Stroke has just changed they're guidelines as far as certs are concerned. Effective January 1, Instructors will no longer be able to issue the paper cards. Instead the student will be issued a signed letter stating that the student has completed the Health Care Provider CPR course or renewal, with offical plastic cards coming in the mail shortly afterward.
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  8. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Lets get this party started! Post something here so we know you're alive!   

    I'm alive and kicking, just busy as hell!!!
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  9. thrutheashes added a post in a topic BOOTS   

    I wear these boots as well in a non-zipper version, and absolutely love them. They are light weight, offer good support, and offer good bang for your buck!
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  10. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Four Days on Xbox Sends Teenage Gamer to ER   

    ok. let me see if I understand this? The kid plays 96hrs of Call of Duty, then goes out with apparantly absentee mommy dearest, and then collapses? Gee, ya think?

    You'd think his mom would have said something to him sooner. But wait, he was playing a video game and "I never in a million years thought that a videogame would involve his health." Gee mom, where have you been for the past 15 or so years. I've lost track of the number of reports correlating increased game play with decreased health, and that is just playing recreationally, not on a 96hr bender! And this, my fair emt city-ites is why we shall never be unemployed!
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  11. thrutheashes added a post in a topic History of IV therapy in EMS   

    Seeing as we are talking about when/where to start IV's, I came accross this study in my research that I found interesting......http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21367376
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  12. thrutheashes added a post in a topic History of IV therapy in EMS   

    Post deleted due to reconsideration of request to lock
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  13. thrutheashes added a post in a topic History of IV therapy in EMS   

    Hey Croaker, that does help. Could you give me the name, author, and year published of your reference?
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  14. thrutheashes added a topic in General EMS Discussion   

    History of IV therapy in EMS
    Hey guys,
    I am doing an IV therapy review module for my service, and just for kicks was wanting to throw in a slide on the history of IV therapy. I've been able to get some info so far, however, the answer to one question still eludes me. Does anyone know what year IV therapy came to the pre-hospital setting? If anyone knows or can point me in the right direction I would definitely appreciate it.
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  15. thrutheashes added a post in a topic Physician Assisted Suicide   

    This is a touchy subject no matter which way you look at it. I am for the most part in agreement with the decision that was made. However I don't feel it should be yielded as a broad brush stroke and applied to every single person. I believe that this needs to be looked at on a case by case basis, or the risk for abuse becomes high. If people are trapped in failing bodies, better they should be able to end it on their own terms, and properly.The alternative is some will attempt on their own. We all know how some suicide attempts end up. They end up alive, angry, bitter, and with more problems than they initially had due to live, kidney, etc damage. And that is a further cost to themselves emotionally,physically, and to the health care system.
    People should be counseled on their choice, and help offered. If in the end they chose to end it, on their terms, because of some malicious disease, I see no reason why they should not be allowed, and to have someone assist them to get it "right".
    And before anyone says anything, I have personally felt the bite of suicide. My first wife attempted suicide a number of times before finally succeding in the fall of 2004. I know how touchy this subject can be.
    The biggest question to come out of the debate for pro/con assisted suicde is this, what is in the best interest of our patients? I know if I was severely ill with little to no chance of recovery I would reach for the shot gun and do it myself, while I could.
    Sorry about the rambling.
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