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  1. Double patient transfer - HIPAA breech?

    the question we should ask ourselves is this Aside from transporting 2 patients from a MVC or something similar, should we be transporting 2 patients like the original poster asked.
  2. Double patient transfer - HIPAA breech?

    I agree with both points. but if semi private rooms are not HIPAA violations that happen many times a day, then transporting two patients is not in my opinion. But again, I would want to see this in writing from either the Hipaa gods or my legal team. Michael
  3. Anyone ever done this?

    I cannot answer your last question about the AMA but I can say I agree with what you posted. I've inserted GI Tubes, foley caths, nasal packed a nose bleed in the ER, Gave enemas, performed bladder scan, debrided a burn and other wound, sutured a simple laceration under the supervision of a doc, gave every medication known to our formulary and even administered 12 units of blood to a AAA patient that was leaking and damn near at deaths door. We as paramedics CAN do these types of things and we as an industry need to strive to be able to do them. BUT caveat Education is the key. when cosmetologists have more hours of training and "internship hours" than we do and they cut our hair, then something is rotten in denmark.
  4. Old folks Still here?

    ahhh yeah, money, the root of all things.
  5. Old folks Still here?

    Brent I don't know many people who are more fit to be a paramedic than you are. I say that in all sincerity, so why haven't you gone on and gotten your medic, the EMS world is missing out on your being a medic.
  6. Anyone ever done this?

    I tend to agree partially and disagree partially. In a busy urban setting, of course you cannot spend a lot of time on scene to do this extra service but I believe that it's a case by case basis. If the person has family on scene or that can get there within a reasonable amount of time then by all means clear the scene but if they don't have anyone near, then in a rural setting with low call volume, I see nothing wrong with helping them out with a meal or something. You have to have common sense and if you aren't responsible enough to know the boundaries to keep from doing bad things then that is a bigger issue than what we are talking about.
  7. Anyone ever done this?

    Amen brother. I have indeed cooked several full meals for patients, usually I would get them something to tide them over and then later in the day or the next day I would bring them over a full meal so at least they had something in the fridge when they got hungry. There's a lot of need out there, we see it every day.
  8. I need assistance finding a medical director

    Ok I'll give you the win on could they be the MD but do you want a family doc as a medical director of a EMS service? I think not.
  9. I need assistance finding a medical director

    I also find it interesting that you are starting an ambulance service and don't have a medical director yet. that would have been my first order of business after deciding on whether or not I wanted the headache and digestive problems of starting an ambulance service. At least with my medical director chosen early I could probably get the prescriptions to help me with the anxiety, headaches and gut problems that will come with this venture. No plain old doctor will do for a medical director, you need one that understands EMS, a podiatrist or OB GYn won't cut it. You at least need a critical care doc or better yet an Emergency dept physician. Not busting your balls here but why haven't you procured the services of a medical director?
  10. Double patient transfer - HIPAA breech?

    I believe that that nurse is incorrect. Writing would be good though. and what about patients who are sharing a semi-private room? Is that a ongoing 24 hour a day HIPAA violation?
  11. Prayers to those in Vegas

    Let's keep the providers and patients in Vegas in our prayers and thoughts today. Awful awful things that one human can do to others. No words. (well I have some but they would get me censored)
  12. Heroin overdose

    I think that your questions are much better answered by the service that helped you. IF you have any concerns about the care you received, and it sounds like you do, please contact the ambulance service that took care of you. but here goes some explanation for you Not surprised that you have a broken rib or two. Bruising can also happen post CPR. IO in the shin is one way to gain access to your system especially if you have veins that are very hard to access. The protocol of the service may be that All arrests get an IO, not sure. I cannot answer the narcan question on your situation. Im very glad you are recovering and are no longer taking those drugs. You were very lucky, you could have been a statistic rather than a recovering addict. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  13. Becoming A EMT. HELP!!

    Or come to Kansas City, KC Fire has a tremendous need for paramedics. If they paid what I am making currently, I would be back on the truck in a heartbeat. They just need to come up about 25K starting salary and then I'd make the jump. but alas, all the money that I make in a year is spent so it's not meant to be.
  14. Hey! New EMT, need quick response to question please :)

    see my response to the original post.
  15. Old folks Still here?

    What was going through your head Forest, Study forest study.