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  1. Is it time that EMS can start to transport to an Urgent Care facility? Should ambulances be able to routinely transport patients to lower acuity facilities if the patients condition warrants it? Take a look at this article and see what you think!!! http://www.hhnmag.com/articles/8238-call-an-ambulance-for-care?utm_campaign=042917&utm_medium=email&eid=302381567&bid=1740908#.WQX4PMmPuZ8.linkedin
  2. Good information on your site. I found many of the same jobs on monster and career builder but the advantage I think you have is that you have just ems jobs and devided by state just with one click. On monster or career builder you have to input an individual state and get a bunch of crap not realted jobs. Not sure if you are making any money on this site but it's a nice place to go when you are looking at a specific state. One stop shopping.
  3. Did you find any info out on that KYEMP program other than what I posted?
  4. that's a fine line, I need to think more on that, not dodging the question, but needing to think more on that poignant question.
  5. that info I posted before you posted your response was in NO way directed at you my friend. It was sort of a cautionary tale to anyone who reads it.
  6. I also wanted to add, it seems also that everyone takes offense at something. Someone who I listen to on the radio quite frequently often says, You don't have the RIGHT to be offended, you can dislike what I say but my right to say what I say does not give you the right to be offended at what I say. You can dislike what I say but I have the right to say it. You have absolutely ZERO constitutional right to be offended. There are people out there who are saying that the constitution does not protect against hate speech, well, that's exactly what the constitution protects. And that statement comes from someone that I mainly disagree with, Bill Maher. So remember, facebook is everywhere, camerphones are everywhere and big brother is everywhere. This is a prime time to go over one more thing, What you post on facebook regarding your work or your activity outside of work, it can and often does come back to hurt you and often it comes back to get you fired. NO patient info, no call information and definately nothing that would identify a patient. If you do post that on the internet even in a private forum, don't cry about it when it comes back to get you.
  7. yes, the internet, the thing that remembers forever even if you don't. Facebook wasn't a thing when I was in college, thankfully so. I said plenty of stupid and mean things but would be hard pressed to prove I said them unless you could find the witnesses to them. But now, you gotta watch your tongue in whatever you say, wherever you say it because everyone of us has a phone and you NEVER Know who is watching. some of my friends have lost out of jobs or were fired because of what they posted on the internet.
  8. did you call the service's that you rode with during your classes? Why didn't you get the 2 patient observations prior to taking your test, I thought that was a requirement before taking your test? maybe not. but Call those services you rode with and see if you can get one more shift.
  9. Our 1998 braun had the same set up. We transported 3 patients 4 patients out of one wreck, 1 hanging, one on the bench, and one on the cot. adn finally one on the captains chair.
  10. So who's on your group? Do you have field providers in your group, not to be contentious, but you know the people who are actually in the trenches who deal with this every single day and are forced to improvise and often are left to pick up the pieces when their improvisation turn tragic. Without the proper tools and when we are forced to improvise, when something goes wrong, we are the ones who are hung out to dry because we are not given the tools to properly do our jobs. So are their field providers in your group? and if NOT, why NOT? and not that is not meant to be argumentative, but just a SMH moment if true.
  11. Might have been one of those hanging stretcher ambucab setups that somehow still exist out there.
  12. Brandon, you are bringing a welcome bit of education to this forum sir, please continue to do so. Pediatric transport and care is something that is woefully undertaught and underdone in our industry imho. Please continue to provide insight and education, this is really good stuff. thank you
  13. Actually, this tidbit of information does not surprise me in the least. Let me ask one question, if you put a car seat on a ambulance stretcher, secure it to the stretcher, does that qualify as providing a car seat in the ambulance? Do you provide the same level of securitysafe transport to that pediatric patient compared to a properly secured/installed car seat in a automobile?
  14. New

    I've been in the field and out of the field for over 20 years. I have enough stories for 2-3 books. Why should those of us with this many stories that are our own give you ours? I'm just curious. But I do wish you the best. If you do write this and make it a e-book make sure you don't price it too high.
  15. Accelerated EMT courses you get out of them what you put in them. Why the hurry? Why waste time - just go this route - https://www.emtfiretraining.com/emt-b-course.php zero to hero in less than 30 seconds. One of their requirements Safely administer medications (the student should safely, and while performing all steps of each procedure, properly administer medications at least 15 times to live patients) Let's hope they are live patients - can't give meds to dead patients.