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  1. Right now, we're working on designing and refining our first functional prototype. Once we get some ideas for improvements on that, we're gonna improve the desing, and send out 2.0 versions for testing from people who would want to test it. (No charge to you, but we are asking for feedback from the testers once they feel like they've used it enough to give good advice as to how we could make it better.) If either of you'd be interested in getting one, just message me. I'd definitely like to hear your feedback once you guys actually get a feel for the product.
  2. And as for the picture, that's my bad. I've put up a new picture that should show it off better. I tried sending it as an attachment on this post, but the site said my picture was too big.
  3. Our product isn't a case. In fact, you can put a case on your phone and still use our product with it. The product is designed to keep your phone mounted on your wrist, while also giving you full access to your phone. It should also provide extra battery life and easy access to a very bright flashlight (provided we either work out a way to sell the portable phone battery as a part of the device, or you buy the battery seperately if we can't). I've noticed that phones can sometimes be difficult to get out of your pocket in normal situations, and that got me thinking that it would probably be
  4. Yeah, sorry, we didn't have the product entirely worked out when I set up this post. Basically, our product is going to be tightened onto the outside of your forearm. It'll look like the picture I have on my profile, which is our first (and only) prototype as of yet. It'll hold the phone securely in the product, while also giving you full access to the screen, and it will (hopefully) come with a rechargeable portable phone battery with a built-in flashlight. If it doesn't come with it, they don't cost much, and we'll include the specific battery we designed it for in the description of the pro
  5. The point of the product we have in mind to solve this issue is meant to hold your phone indefinitely, in all situations. There's no way your phone would fall out, unless your unit got smashed by a sledgehammer while it's still on your arm. (It may seem like a ridiculous situation, but that's the point of what I'm saying.)
  6. I'm a student who's developing a product to solve a problem. I need some research to show that the issue I'm trying to solve is actually a problem that a lot of people within my target market has. So I'd really appreciate the feedback to show how mamy people actually have this issue.
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