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    The Perfect EMS Service "A Vision"

    Thanks Bieber for the reply but still looking for other opinions and wishes. 178 views I know there some items you wish you had or glad you have. We are looking at the ZOLL Rescue net system for our EPCR's Would like so see availability of system to use and iPad Emergency lights on the vehicles? Different brands. Which ones seem to be more eye catching Federal Q2B with additional Howler siren and Grover stutter air horns Zico Oxygen tank lift system Zoll X Series with all the toys Medication fridge mounted onboard Any good manufacturers.
  2. So I have been tasked with assisting a new EMS service startup company in small metro city serving roughly 95,000. What I am looking for is input from everyone on operations, pay, dispatch, equipment as if money is no object. What we have determined thus far: 3 ambulances staffed 24/7 2 backup ambulances 3 stations (new build) with Plymovent exhaust. 3 man crew (2 EMTs/ 1 paramedic) ABC Kelly shift 1 shift supervisor (ALS Equipped vehicle) Ambulances will be a Medium Duty Freightliner chassis.(meeting the new NFPA standard) 2 backup ambulances smaller Type I/ II Supervisor vehicle: F350 4x4 Crew cab Paramedic pay starting @ $54K EMT pay $40K Paid CDL, Critical Care Paramedic, EVOC/ CEVO, AMLS and Child Safety Seat Technician training Written, practical, physical agility and DOT Medical $8,000 relocation and hiring preference to those residing in the service area. The management is looking at streamlined operations without all the brass. Their thinking is they want to get rid of the revolving door and retain employees. They want each employees involved in the decision making that takes place. Their goal is to make EMS a long term career. Uniforms are Class A which I am not a fan of but it does look professional. I guess. OK folks now it is your turn. Tell me your wish list and what would be the perfect EMS model? Equipment, lessons learned, crew make-up, shifts, pay, etc. Appreciate all responses.
  3. Thinking of moving to Pennsylvania. Can anyone give some insight as to some great agencies to work and actually pay decent? Looking at the Williamsport, PA area. How are the private agencies such as Transcare? Any information would be the greatest. Please private message if concerned about backlash. Thank you all for your time.
  4. as a guy, I don't know how you'd feel about it - but it's a unique look into the world of kentucky politics and what this woman deals with. I liked it...'course not everything is everybody's cup of tea. I'll check out your suggestions though !

  5. LMAO! anyways yeah..I will have to check out your suggestion.

  6. Hello I see you are looking for a good book. I can suggest a few I have read in the past few months. "The Notebook", "The Fire Inside" by Steven Delsohn; "The Forgotten Man" Amity Shlaes" all three great books. Take care

  7. Hello I am sorry to hear about this loss to the AZEMS community. I am surprised there is no news on the local station about this fallen comrade. In respect to the family and colleagues I am sure. I am just curious if I knew him. Once again sorry to hear about the bad news and my condolences the family and SW Crews.

  8. Welcome to the city


    24 hour schedules

    Wow I wouldn't mind that schedule. Sounds like a great schedule and I think you're a good one to present it, as it may confuse some. Where do I sign up. LOL Hint Hint! I am patiently waiting for that call. Good to see you back Ruff.. Take care, Phil

    Ohio Debates ALS

    WOW! I am just blown away. Even Mexico has Paramedics! Maybe they need a new lawyer. What's next for Columbus, Ohio.. "Mother, Jugs and Speed"

    Your Song of the Day

    Steely Dan- "Reeling in the years"

    Your Song of the Day

    Danny's Song- Loggins & Messina "even though we ain't got money..I'm so in love with you honey.." It's a rare classic