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  1. as a guy, I don't know how you'd feel about it - but it's a unique look into the world of kentucky politics and what this woman deals with. I liked it...'course not everything is everybody's cup of tea. I'll check out your suggestions though !

  2. LMAO! anyways yeah..I will have to check out your suggestion.

  3. Hello I see you are looking for a good book. I can suggest a few I have read in the past few months. "The Notebook", "The Fire Inside" by Steven Delsohn; "The Forgotten Man" Amity Shlaes" all three great books. Take care

  4. Hello I am sorry to hear about this loss to the AZEMS community. I am surprised there is no news on the local station about this fallen comrade. In respect to the family and colleagues I am sure. I am just curious if I knew him. Once again sorry to hear about the bad news and my condolences the family and SW Crews.

  5. Welcome to the city

  6. Your Song of the Day

    Steely Dan- "Reeling in the years"
  7. Your Song of the Day

    Danny's Song- Loggins & Messina "even though we ain't got money..I'm so in love with you honey.." It's a rare classic
  8. Three Albums or CDs that defined your life................

    Wow, decisions decisions. 1. Dean Martin- Greatest Hits 2. Hot Club of Cowtown- Best of Hot Club of Cowtown 3. Don Williams- Greatest Hits Might see if I could borrow FireDoc's Lynyrd Skynyrd album.
  9. Your Song of the Day

    "Watching airplanes"- Gary Allen Song is seriously stuck in my head. Must be the runway right next door
  10. Your Song of the Day

    "Lucky Man" - Montgomery Gentry
  11. Your Song of the Day

    "Long as I can see the light"- Creedence
  12. Your Song of the Day

    "These colors don't run" - Van Zant The song gets in your head, and rightfully so.