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  1. I used to be really active here back when there was the flashchat. It's been a LONG time. So, I am in school and I am just looking for some feedback on a medical scenario for an assignment. I have my own ideas, but I just want to ensure that I am on the right track. Prompt: Consider the following scenario: Ms. Craft, age 59, was brought by ambulance to the emergency room because she thought she was dying. She had difficulty breathing, was dizzy if she attempted to sit up, and felt a sense of impending doom. Ms. Craft assumed that she was having a heart attack, and so did the admitting emergency room personnel. But the case was more complicated. Physical examination showed Ms. Craft to have weakness, malaise, warm skin, and hypotension. Ms. Craft said she felt nauseous. A blood glucose value was really high. Cardiac markers did not show that she was having a heart attack, nor did an EKG. When her history was taken, Ms. Craft said she had not seen a doctor in several years and was unaware that she had diabetes. Her respirations were deep and rapid—Kussmaul respirations. In this case, the ER physician diagnosed decompensated diabetes mellitus with metabolic acidosis. These were the medications prescribed: • Oxygen by mask • Hypertonic IV fluids • Insulin orally • Hydrochloric acid solution via IV In a short paper, the following critical elements must be addressed: • Identify the incorrect medication/drug classification/treatment and explain why it is incorrect. • What drug classification would you use instead? Why? • Provide an example of a generic medication from each drug classification. How would each of the medications/treatments in the scenario act on the patient's body?
  2. I am pleased to see you made it out alright, all things considering. In Bergen County NJ where I live, we were without power for 10 days. My aunt only JUST got hers back this past Saturday. With the gas restrictions that were put up, my uncle was just like f**k it. We drove out to PA, filled up there with our gas cans as well, and drove back. The Tues. after the storm, we actually drove out to Hamburg PA to go to Cabela's to get a generator. They were open, running on one themselves, to sell only propane heaters and generators. We didn't bother even trying anything local by us knowing. My grandfather was in the hospital that Friday before until that Tuesday (ended up back in a week later) but he was safe from the storm itself but said the winds were horrid against the windows of his room in the hospital and kept him up.
  3. I can't help but to agree. When I first heard they were still planning on holding it my comment was like "Are they f***ing nuts?" I'm going on day 6 of no power here and PSE&G is telling us that we won't likely see any until at least next weekend. Mind you, every street surrounding mine has power. My uncle and I drove out to PA Tuesday to buy a generator (Cabela's FTW!). The store was running on a generator themselves and was open ONLY to sell propane heaters and generators which they had stock piled in front by customer service.
  4. MeekoBB

    Prayers Please

    OMG rattie, I'm so sorry! My hopes and prayers for him to get better and for you and your family to get through this time. I've been out of EMS for sometime now. What exactly is the condition he has? Can someone else explain to me so that rat can tend to her boy?
  5. I'm getting my writing mojo back! Whoot!

  6. Not sure about the interview...The manager was nice enough and we joked about pets. Hope they call me back :)

  7. I finally got a call back for an interview for tomorrow!

  8. Mommie Dearest (in every sense of the movie) had a dream Grandpa died...Grandme is freaked out because a lot of her dreams come true...

  9. Insomnia blows. It's even worse with leg pain and heart burn...

  10. I smell food. I smell PIEROGIES!

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      Where is the "like" button? :D

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      Where is the "like" button? :D

    3. Lone Star
  11. Wow, I just found this post as I was digging through the archives... Love to cmk & Lonestar
  12. Can I get a hacksaw to chop off my leg? Pretty Please??

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Welcome back, Beegsasaurus!!!

  13. Nah, I don't recall sorry. I generally just been poking around aimlessly and hanging out in the chatroom hoping some familiar faces come around. I do remember Dust having had disappeared not long before I left without much word.
  14. Ahh, that sucks. How about that little facebook imitation? No worky for you either?
  15. Because of the pain killer I took Wednesday night, I slept pretty much all day Thurday. I didn't really start my day until around 3pm and even then I just didn't want to get out of bed. Now, it's after midnight and I can't sleep. My leg is killing me again and I don't have many of my good pain killers left. I wish I could just rip this muscle out of my thigh and be done with it. It's like sharp bolts striking in the one spot in waves that radiate down to my knee. I think now I know how Greg House felt like when he had the infarction in HIS leg...and the guy if fictional.
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