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    3 times rule

    I realize that. I was speaking hypothetically.
  2. We've all encountered drug addicts needing EMS. A lot of the time they need Narcan. A lot of the time we have to put them in restraints and risk our lives because they are combative. I have had discussions with EMS personnel who advocate a "3 times rule." If you OD on drugs and require EMS, we will help you 3 times. But if you ever drink or drug again to the point of needing EMS after 3 times, we will refuse to help you. After all, there are SO many innocent people who require EMS because of natural health issues, why should we continue to render aid to combative drug addicts who don't even value their OWN lives, let alone yours? What's your opinion?
  3. Island Emt, maybe you missed the part when I said that PHYSICALLY VIOLENT patients get restrained, not "without reason," as you say. And yes, my state protocols DO allow restraint of violent patients. Maybe you should read posts more thoroughly before you make disparaging remarks.
  4. I have had to deal with too many patients who are both physically and verbally abusive; if they are physically violent, then they get tied down to my cot in restraints. But even then, most combative patients continue to be loudly verbally abusive even when strapped down, yelling and cursing at me, saying things like they're going to kill me, they're going to lay my wife, etc. etc. I had one colleague tell me to just gag them with duct tape, but i know that was obviously a joke. Another recommendation was to sedate them, but I doubt Medical Con would allow me to sedate a person for just being verbally abusive. How do you handle these situations? Is there anything you can do or say to the patient to calm things down?
  5. I apologize for not responding earlier; I've been very busy. But the attack from Mikeymedic must be addressed. Mikey, I am confident that you will learn (sooner or later) that if you hurt a patient (even with your puerile and insensitive "Follow the rules, and you will be fine" mentality,) you will receive your just deserts. By the way, is the word "gurney" no longer the fashion? Maybe "stretcher"? What's your parlance?
  6. I recently treated a patient who was suicidal and told us that he took an overdose of his meds. It involved police assistance, since he refused to be transported to a hospital. The police, me, and my partner got the patient strapped down to the gurney and loaded him into the ambulance. Once the patient was restrained, he began to scream and pull violently at his restraints. He babbled about being "claustrophobic" and screamed at us to release him. But in my book, once a patient is restrained, they stay restrained till we get them to the hospital. Now me and my partner are being threatened with a lawsuit. That patient and his lawyer are claiming that me and my partner gave him "emotional trauma" and "PTSD" because we "shackled" him to the gurney and performed "appallingly invasive" procedures on him. Can ems and hospitals even treat people anymore without lawyers getting involved? I'm getting discouraged.
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