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Marty, you took the words right out of my mouth.

During my google search I found quite a bit of newsgroups inthe alt.creepyawards.net style.

Some of those were really really scary.

For the original poster- please let us know why you wanted this information

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Given a recent post by Timmy I'm wondering if this has anything to do with local drug use in his area.

Some excellent questions have been raised, though. Is "battery acid" a street name for something else? Car battery acid or from some other battery source?

So Timmy! What's the deal?

-be safe.

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Battery acid is sulfuric acid, if the meaning is in the common usage. This will cause massive site of injection (SoJ) damage.

Anything that progresses past the SoJ will cause massive destructive damage along its way. Possibly leading to haemorragic/hypovolaemic problems before anything cardiogenic, depending on the SoJ. In any event...it will be lethal!!!

Why the question?

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Sorry. Let me explain better. In forensic class I’m doing a project on murders. The cause of death was this guy was injected with car battery acid. But the cause of death wasn’t the acid it was suffocation. There was no other information provided. So I wanted to put on my project what would happen internally if you were injected with acid and if so is it treatable or just a coroners job?

Would your veins dissolve or something?

I didn’t mean to sound creepy lol. I was just stuck for answers.

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The Question:

28 year old male found dead on the floor by neighbor. The cause of death was originally thought to be from the car battery acid injected into his arm. This was later ruled out with the new cause being suffocation. The male has connection with the ‘wrong crowd’ and has owed money.

How would the battery acid have affected the human body and what damage would it have cause?

Because I’m the wana be paramedic when I leave school I got the “Tim how would you treat this question”?

There’s heaps of other question about the scene ect. But I dint want to bore you.

Sorry to sound creepy but I’m completely stuck for answers… So far I have, I got no idea lol. This has to be handed in as an 800 word essay!!

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I personally have never seen "car battery acid" but, I have seen other acidic junk injected. Like I have posted muriatic acid and other acid from the making of crank. Usually the veins will "burn" and hardened at the injection site as well as an upper portion of the veins. I am sure there serious cardiotoxic effects as well as phlebitis and potential endless complications of thrombus and embolus and metabolic issues, that we would not have enough room to discuss. One of the acidic patients I had to fly in had injected himself with "hot meth" (which did melt portion of the syringe" had missed the vein and infiltrated the site. On follow up, they were attempting to save his arm, as well with the acidosis his kidneys was failing as well.

So there is much that could occur.. I suggest search engine "injection of toxic acid" for more details.

R/r 911

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