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Do you use Tobacco ?  

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    • Yes I chew.
    • Yes I smoke.
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    • I occasionally smoke.

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Yea, I smoke. Tried to quit so many times!! I smoke while on duty. Where acceptable and after patient is transported to hospital. There is a smoking area at the three hospitals we usually go to for EMS personnel.

Let me tell you, it seems a lot of ems workers smoke!!! I've never seen the smoke area empty!!

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yup I chew and we all quit chewing or smoking eventually.

If you've ever been around the people who smoke a pack or so a day, they always have that smell on them, though gum may mask the breath, you cant mask the smell all over your clothes. I would think in

I think most EMS workers have something against their lungs. LOL. You know we could easily form a smokers anonymous group here. It doesnt exactly make sense when I am trying to get fit, and I continue to smoke. :roll:

But I will admit I have less cravings for a smoke after a run, especially when I am gasping for air and damn near close to collapsing.


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i used to smoke but then i quit and started chewing. now i dont do either. ive been tobacco free for almost a year :lol: wheres the option to choose that you dont smoke or chew?

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wow, that's 70% of smokers. Its funny how so many doctors and other health care workers such as EMS smoke when they know all the risks involved. I guess it gets kind of stress full...

I quit 3 months ago. I'm hoping to keep it that way...

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so yesterday I transported a 91 yr old female that I had to wait to transport because she wanted to finish her smoke -- she told me she started smoking late in life --she was 21 when she started and smokes 1ppd

yes I smoke almost a pack and a half a day --- if it bothers someone I don't force it on them -- the people I get ticked off at are the rednecks here that yell at me for smoking to close to the truck as the tobacco juice is running out of their mouths

I don't force it on anyone else ( i put it out if I am with people it bothers)

it is my last vice

so lets turn it around and ask: how many go out drinking with others and then drive home ??-- even better how many still use drugs ??? after the length of time I have been in the field that seems to be more of a problem than smoking


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I smoke about a pack a day, I know shouldn't and I'll add another "trying to quit notch" on my belt shortly, hopefully it'll stick. I'll finally do it eventually, but it's an addiction like any other. I'm sorry I ever picked the d@mn things up, but I did. I stay away from the non smokers when I'm smoking one, I don't smoke inside (even my own house) and I don't blow smoke into anyone's face (or any other orifice).

Half the guys on our staff chew though, it's a big thing on our crews. I normally don't see people doing that anymore, but there's at least 10 medics I can think of off the bat that chew tobacco.

Smoking on the rig? That's a big no no for a reason, those O2 tanks and fire are not a good mix.

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Is it just as bad to smoke in the bays where the ambulances are kept?? I'd hate to light one up and the O2 cannister comes flying out the side of the box flaming towards me, LOL. I know that wont actually happen, but do you think its just as bad to smoke in the bays where the ambulances are as it is to actually smoke in the ambulance??? I just want some opionions on this.


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