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  1. OK, we were having an argument about this in our EMT class because one of my classmates has a confederate flag decal across his back windshield. i believe the confederate flag is just a sign of southern pride. its just a way of saying i was born in the south and I'm proud of it.
  2. i agree but as mentioned by other people, its not hard to get the lights and put em on with no one knowing. I do have white strobes in the headlights and taillights of my personal truck but only use them when off-roading because they grab my buddies attention allot better than flashing my headlights and if i get stuck i use em to say "get over here and pull me out". there do need to be regulations on the lights and even more so, those regulations need to be enforced.
  3. we never use em here unless there's a really long transport time and trauma hawk isn't flying otherwise it just takes to long to put em on
  4. she is recovering well and while she may not be able to take care of herself she is not brain dead. you cant just starve someone to death. its wrong to even consider removing her feeding tube. but to remove it and try to justify it... I'm speechless
  5. I'm in school now but i plan on being a paramedic/firefighter.
  6. i used to smoke but then i quit and started chewing. now i dont do either. ive been tobacco free for almost a year wheres the option to choose that you dont smoke or chew?
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