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Signs you are married/engaged/dating an EMS worker....

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Ok, I'll play. When they are SCREAMING at the TV, yes we have that..........and when we go by an accident he's craning his neck, and says Ohh......that don't look good. (duh, thats why the ambulance is there) ..........lets see, when he himself has to ride on an ambulance as a patient HE CRITIQUES everyone............*sigh* when he thinks he'd like to name your next child Brady.........because he saw it on an medic book and thought it was cool............when you have a dog named Epi............when your living room has enough equipment to start YOUR OWN ambulance company.......not to mention all the medic/firehouse memorobilia.

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The worst is when you were married to someone who does not understand your job at all. My ex husband complained when i was away from home during the hurricanes helping other people. told him that was my job and to suck it up. i didn't say anything when he was in the navy and gone for 2 wks to 6 months at a time. i managed just fine. i am now dating and emt and we have a wonderful relationship. we play the hes doing it wrong game. we can communicate and he understands everything that i am talking about.

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I guess Ace is just a really good name! All the great ones are named Ace, at least that's what my puppy and I both think!!! :wink: :D

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You know you s/o has accepted the fact that you're in EMS when they come and find you for the second tone for the second ambulance call that is nothing but crappola! (loosely interpreted "DILIGAF") And then is absolutely amazed when you tell them that you really need to finish this up.

Or even better, when they perform the above action and then get MAD at you for going!! (WTF -- you just came and found me to tell me that there was a call -- I went and now you're mad???? ](*,)

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*A fun night is when you aren't interrupted by a beeping pager...

*When you are together and tones drop, you have contests to see who can 'name the tones' before the call is dispatched...

*You can watch TV and play the "he's doing it wrong" game...together

Too True.. too true... We even do that at picnics, etc.... thought it was just us! :occasion5:

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