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  1. I am wanting to collect EMT-B, EMT-I and EMT-P patches from all 50 states. If you are able to help you can email me at traumaangel26@aol.com. I am willing to pay for the patches.
  2. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep a set of your protocols in the back of the truck. When you are not dealing with pt care look and see if you did everything. Do it so your pt cannot see. Or do it after the call when you have dropped your pt at the ER. If you think should I do this then you should. Never bad to over treat but never good to undertreat.
  3. I agree with reaper. The photo does not show the way I was taught to parachute strap. I don't like spider straps. They do not secure your pt enough.
  4. Most programs are 2 years long to be a medic. To get the maturity level that everyone seems to want I think that everyone that is 18 should join the military. That will show you what is in the world and more. You get your eyes opened up big and realize how good it is to live where we live today.
  5. I am sorry but I don't agree with this. I am a EMT-P and you are telling me that if I re-cert and don't learn the new criteria that are put forth that I will be able to work your family member and you feel safe with that. Not me. I want the person working on my family to know what the hell they are doing. a re-cert is just as important to me as learning it for the first time.
  6. You gotta get the IV then stop the seizures. You are not able to give gluecagon to a seizure pt. To much possibility of them choking on it then you have another problem to worry about. I would TX the seizure then the hypoglycemia.
  7. The worst is when you were married to someone who does not understand your job at all. My ex husband complained when i was away from home during the hurricanes helping other people. told him that was my job and to suck it up. i didn't say anything when he was in the navy and gone for 2 wks to 6 months at a time. i managed just fine. i am now dating and emt and we have a wonderful relationship. we play the hes doing it wrong game. we can communicate and he understands everything that i am talking about.
  8. Where I work you put the helo on standby before you leave the station. Your 911 calls come to the station and you answer the phone and take the call. You dispatch your volunteer firefighters before you leave the station and hope they show up. 8)
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