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  1. Here's another hint:: [stream:797b3f7be1]http://www.moviewavs.com/0085934086/WAVS/Movies/Boiler_Room/notoriousbig.wav[/stream:797b3f7be1]
  2. The closest thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you were seeing this as part of either a neuro exam and or to document ocular findings and lack there of PEARL: Pupils Equal And R[sub:da1b3eab6b]2[/sub:da1b3eab6b]Round/Reactive {not listed but said} TO Light, Some clinicians will also add-Accommidation; as well. Is this what you were referring to? Furthermore, doing a search would have helped you as well and would have yielded additional mnemonices which you should learn. Mnemonics? EMS Terminology I Medical Assessment... Medical Patent Assessment Things you've
  3. What is P-Mitrale, and is it clinically significant in isolation-when asymptomatic, also what is the DX criteria and Phys?
  4. Your operating under the assumption that Mr. Murphy and his pal the fickled finger will go along with your carefully laid plans. In these atypical situations one needs to adapt, iprovise, and overcome! Don't count on your plans to go how you expect, and don't expect resources that are 'suppossed to be, told to maybe, or will be, available.' For sure Ringling Bros, Barnun & Bailey will be making an appearance. Food for FUBAR situation thought, Out Here, ACE844
  5. "Viper," I hope you enjoyed 'Ray's' program. As far as the comments about 'LifeLine' here, this company is brand new and essentially all of the old long term management of Armstrong, who left to do this start up. This includes the old CEO and HR managers, etc.. It is too early to tell if they will suffer the same myopic afflictions which Armstrong was famous for. As far as the original question. Really it depends on you. There are perhaps 2 actual progressive EMS serviecs in this state and even they have their issues like anywhere else. That being said, one of them is Paramedic only. Next a
  6. Here's a link to a PPT lecture which should help as well: http://www.sh.lsuhsc.edu/intragrad/211/Int...,50,Therapeutic Uses of Antimuscarinic Drugs Also, here's a great article on anti-hystamine Tox: http://www.aspca.org/site/DocServer/toxbri...ddInterest=1101 And Here's some info which i was refering to with the valium, and yes I know it uses dogs in the article{and that it is a primary vetrinary study} as an example. (Antihistamine Toxicosis by Lisa Murphy @ VMD) Symptomatic patients As with any emergency situation, address life-threatening signs first. Diazepam (0.5 to 1 mg/
  7. Care to be more specific? Are you asking about clinical PEARLS? The things you find in oysters? WHAT?
  8. Ace844


    Alittle bitty PSA message as to why EDUCATION IS SO IMPORTANT IN THIS CAREER! Also, a bit of quick insight as to why we all say it's so important. Strong work and succinctly put "AZCEP," Out Here, ACE844
  9. Do a search for pulmonary physiology, and or there is some info in the etco2 threads. Out Here, ACE844
  10. Surgi-lube the windshield wipers of an ambulance.....
  11. Matter of fact I believe he is a member here, and soem simple research and a PM will probably be most beneficial to you if yuo have questions or would like to know more. Out Here, ACE844
  12. Thanks, I just had the following rationale stuck in my brain for soemreason. This is that the mulit-receptor effects of the Diphyenhydramine, and the valium, and other anti-seizure meds would cause an excess of neurotransmitters in the CNS, as well as potentially inducing seritonergic syndrome...not sure, but I'll look it up and check the link, thanks again, ACE844
  13. "Ruff," I'm sorry to hear of your tragedy...No one should have to live through that. ACE844
  14. "ChBare," Now I may be recalling incorrectly, but isn't there some kind of mechanisim or clinical pearl which says not to use valium for this?{the seizures} ACE844
  15. I never stated an opinion about this matter, but as far as the Russian side, just facts. Next, I happen to know someone who spent 10 yrs in Lubyanka as a political prisoner for printing an 'anti-state article in a newspaper. The guy didn't even write it, he was just working the press the night they printed it at the paper. As far as the executions being anonymous, perhaps in some areas. The individual I know said they knew when they were executing people because they only did it on nights where the elevator worked (this was sporadically) and it made a hell of a rucus, and also some of the guar
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