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Tyler Hastings Passing

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I believe he was 28, and the wedding was to be next year.  I'll check with Jennifer (his fiancé) to see if I can get an address to send cards and such to.  She is trying to put together a memorial for him.  When I know more, I'll pass it on....


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Such sad news to hear this...I was just chatting with him a few weeks ago ... he will be missed by all. RIP

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So Tyler and I met about 5 years ago at the hotel restaurant that he was staying at in the D.C. Area.  I was living in Baltimore and he was travelling in for a National red cross training gig.  

So we meet up for a marathon chat session.  He walks over and I'm thinking Man what a presence.   

He tells me "I hope I can fit in there"  meaning the booth.  I said "if I can so can you brother" 

and he did fit.  We had a great laugh at our girth's expense.(I do know that 3 years ago he sent me a picture of him in a train car in a booth where he was fitting with room to spare and he said "remember the booth at the hotel?")  We had drinks, a great steak, laughs at the cities most reverent members expense(Dust, Ace, Dwayne, Mike, Eydawn, some others I cannot remember), he told me that he was going to marry that lovely woman in his life, I talked to him about my SUCK's donkey balls job where he told me to quit if I didn't like it and stop bitching(I quit 6 weeks later)  and everything in between.  

He told me something that I remember well, he said that Life only happens once, it happens to the best of us and you just have to grab it and hope that it treats you kindly.  

Tyler was always available to me, I could call him and he would answer, he called me a couple of times with personal and job related issues and we always had each others backs.  

Tyler, you will be missed - you were a true friend, if I was able I'd be at your funeral but trust me when I say, I'll be there in spirit to ride that supply logistics train one last time with you to heaven because heaven doesn't get resupplied by just any silly amateur, they need a pro and they picked you my friend.  Stay the course, we got it down here, your job is done on Earth, it's only beginning upstairs.  


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19 hours ago, scubanurse said:

That's just awful, what a huge loss.  Please pass along an address we can send cards to.

Address cards and letters to:
Jennifer Johnson
931 W 1st Street
San Pedro, Ca 90731
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