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Thomas Packs vs Statpacks


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Greetings everyone!

I'd like to you get the forums opinion and experiences with Thomas Packs and Statpacks. Many years ago, I used to have a Thomas ALS Ultra which I really enjoyed but 10 years later, Statpacks seem to be everywhere. Around 10 years ago, Thomas Packs were known to be the best and those who had them, really enjoyed them. My question is, where is everything holding today?

Thomas Packs (ALS Ultra) goes for around $600, the Statpacks ALS version with modules goes for around $450-$500 but students or people trading in any old EMS bag get a 35% discount! So it's more like $600 vs $350.

To be honest, I loved my Thomas ALS Ultra when I had it but perhaps 10 years later, there may be a better product out there. What is your experience with either or both of these companies?

Thank you in advance!





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we use stat packs and Thomas ems aeromed advanced on my ground pediatric cct team

my flight cct team uses Thomas ems aeromed advanced

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We use Statpacks for our first in at my agency it took some getting used to but they work well and everything has a place and was much less jumbled than the old bags also the O2 bags we have from them.

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I have personally used a number of different bags, Iron Duck, StatPack, Thomas Pack and some other brands. For me I use Thomas EMS Emergency Medical Pack. This is what is stock on all ten of my trucks. They are large enough to hold all of the first line equipment, medications and supplies. And most importantly they don't weigh a hundred pounds!!! They are compact and you don't spend all day searching for that one thing you needed and halfway through you forget what you were searching for.

On the volunteer service that I am on they use the Irons Ducks and we have three bags to take in on a serious call. The airway bag, general bag and drug bag (not a small one but a full size bag). Its a workout for sure!!!

I think the biggest issue people have is they they put too much in there first in bags (one service had three complete IV sets and two of all airway supplies). 

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We have not been impressed with our StatPacks.  Since getting them, we have had several units fail prematurely.  From rips in the material to blown zippers.  Can't say we've ever had that problem with any of our other bag manufactures.  Although I like the design of them, we just don't seem to be having much luck long-term with respect to durability/longevity.  

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