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  1. Although not super cheap, the Streamlite Strion LED isn't terribly expensive. It's small, durable, and rechargeable - not to mention bright (3 levels of brightness + strobe). It's certainly my light of choice for EMS.
  2. We have not been impressed with our StatPacks. Since getting them, we have had several units fail prematurely. From rips in the material to blown zippers. Can't say we've ever had that problem with any of our other bag manufactures. Although I like the design of them, we just don't seem to be having much luck long-term with respect to durability/longevity.
  3. Our current batch of CPR-Prompt dolls are starting to show their age after a few years of use, and we're beginning to look at replacement options. I'm just curious as to everyone's thoughts on the best manikins out there - and why. Personally, I'm leaning towards the Prestan Professional Manikin with CPR Monitor lights. Although they seem to be more expensive and heavy than some of the other ones out there, I've had great luck with them in the past while working for another agency as far as durability goes. I notice now Prestan has a lightweight manikin as well, although can't seem to find anyone who's actually used it. If you have, I'd be particularly interested to hear your thoughts.Thanks!
  4. We occasionally get some here at my service. Can't say I've been terribly impressed with them. One particular off brand just seemed to be flimsy while other off brands have attracted complaints from local emergency rooms with respect to their ability to be x-ray translucent (a trait purported by the original SAM splint). That being said, I suppose this may be generic-brand specific - and my experience may not be fully representative of all generics. In short: the only thing I order these days is the real SAM splint. Just not worth saving a few bucks over.
  5. Our first in bag(s) contain: BVM OPAs/NPAs O2 w/NRBs, Nebs, and Nasal Canulas Assorted sizes gauze pads, rollar gauze, pressure dressings, and AB pads Sterile water Glucometer/test strips/lancets Space blanket Assorted gloves Isolation gowns/goggles/N95 masks SAM Splint Quick Splint Assorted ACE bandages Burn dressings Adult and Child BP Cuff/Stethoscope Vomit Bags/Biohazard Bags Ice Packs 2 inch tape Trauma Shears Pen Light Sharps Container Symptom Relief Drug Kit (Epi, Glucagon, Oral Glucose, Dimenhydronate, Diphenhydramine, Nitro, ASA, Salbutamol)
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