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  1. Nice! I would love to see some inside pictures of it! How does it drive and ride?
  2. The Midwest seems to be the home of 24 hour shifts for EMS. However I think right now there are a lot of services going away from 24 hour shifts de to the increase in recent accidents in the Midwest. Most are going to 10 or 16 hour shifts. I do not allow anything over a scheduled 12 hour shift period! I have worked in EMS long enough to know that in the Midwest there are a lot more inter-facilities and 12 hours scheduled rarely work out to that. Our starting pay for EMT's range from $13-14/hr, Paramedic's start at $15-18/hr and Critical Care Paramedics and RN start at $17-20/hr. The pay is increasing in the Midwest in the urban areas for sure. Some of the rural places can make pretty good money if they are county owned and operated ($20+ starting with no experience). It really depends on where you are looking at, it can change significantly in a 50 mile radius.
  3. Dispatch we have a flat tire ...
  4. I think it is stupid to be fighting over it. We have tolerated it for so many years and now all of sudden it is racist and cannot be around. While I have never flown the confederate I think it is stupid to fight about ti right now.
  5. I think that Facebook, Twitter and all those other things have taken away from the forums since they are quick and easy to do on the go. While I think most forums are around to get more knowledge or have deeper conversation on a subject matter. You just can't communicate clearly and to the fullest extent on "social media" while it is nice and practical it doesn't meet as many needs a a forum does.
  6. If you are fresh out of class and are prepping for the NREMT you should be fine. But someone thats never taken NREMT or let it lapse should spend several weeks reviewing the class material before attempting it. I know some States don't require it while other do so if you want to move even after being an EMT for 10-20 year you must take and pass the NREMT for initial certification/licensure in another State. If you are asking the question in the first place it probably is not enough time. You should know when you are comfortable enough to take the exam. Best of luck to you!
  7. Looking at the O_Two e700 Transport Ventilator and wanted to know if anyone on here has had any experience with them. I currently have the LTV1200 and CareFusion ReVel ventilators in use and will be adding one to two more ventilators for ground transports. I know it is an oxygen powered unit and FiO2 is 60 or 100% which is why they won't be used in our Fixed Wing Division. These ventilators are priced very well and I spoke with my rep from CareFusion today and they couldn't see why we wouldn't go with them for the price. I will get a demo unit for hopefully a week or two on the 20th of this month. I can't even buy a used LTV1200 for the price of the e700. The e700 is $3,500 cheaper than a refurbished LTV1200! Any experiences and/or feedback are welcome. e700-Ventilator.pdf
  8. If anyone has ever studied safety in the ambulance number one problem is attendant safety. There is no safe seat in the back for the medic. That said I am a huge fan of doing away with the bench seats. If that takes away all of your storage and you have no where to put anything else then you probably are carrying too much equipment on the truck. It amazes me how man places overstock their trucks because they fear no one else will restock it. Generally you need enough stuff to take care of two patients without restocking with that is as many as you should transport at one time. There are some services that may not have the opportunities to restock so they may need to stock more than other places. Now back to the topic of no bench seats. The forward facing and swiveling seats are more comfortable, your back will thank you also. They offer much more support while you sit in them. Also the seat belts are also more comfortable since they are usually three point just like automotive seat belts. Five point are available, however I have seen it cause less people to use the seat belt since its not comfortable enough.
  9. Streamlight is my go to for a portable LED lights. Here is one similar to the one that I carry everyday. Its very lightweight and easy to carry. Streamlight ProTac 1AA They are a lot brighter than you think they will be. They are also extremely durable, I have dropped mine down three flights of stairs once and it still works. Probably the most cost effective flashlight for the money since it uses a very common battery.
  10. I have personally used a number of different bags, Iron Duck, StatPack, Thomas Pack and some other brands. For me I use Thomas EMS Emergency Medical Pack. This is what is stock on all ten of my trucks. They are large enough to hold all of the first line equipment, medications and supplies. And most importantly they don't weigh a hundred pounds!!! They are compact and you don't spend all day searching for that one thing you needed and halfway through you forget what you were searching for. On the volunteer service that I am on they use the Irons Ducks and we have three bags to take in on a serious call. The airway bag, general bag and drug bag (not a small one but a full size bag). Its a workout for sure!!! I think the biggest issue people have is they they put too much in there first in bags (one service had three complete IV sets and two of all airway supplies).
  11. I have been gone for a couple years but I am back!!! A lot as changed in my life personally and as well as professionally. I am now married and have a four year-old daughter, okay so maybe it was more than a couple years . . . I went from being a new Paramedic working inter-facility with 1,000 calls per year to the Director of Operations for a growing EMS Service that now does 3,000 calls/year. I have learned a lot about EMS and life in the last couple of years and I hope to bring something to the table for everyone to benefit from. Thanks for having me back!!
  12. I beleive that several people miss understood what I was saying. When someone has a seizure their airway can and will be obstructed in some cases. The Nasal Airway is the only way to secure the airway, because you cannot put anything into their mouths. I have family members who have seizures that last over five minitues at a time and their airway is obstructed most of the time. I only insert NPA's if I hear and verify an airway obstruction.
  13. I love the NPA's they are so much fun, especially when someone fakes a seizure, (gotta secure airway) they jump up and pull it out. Amazingly the seizure just stops and they have no memory loss or anything. We also tell them that they need to go to the hospital, however they always refuse. Man, they even know to refuse transport. They are a lot of fun to go on. We do not usually get that many drunks in rural Iowa, we do get a lot of fake seizures though.
  14. I have just read over this and it does seem that the ALS provider was just doing BLS skills. A EMT-B should never do a ALS skill. I am not aware of any state that allows an EMT-B to push medications of any kind let alone establishing an I.V. Fire Departments and Ambulance Sevices require you to get further training other than an EMT-B to establish an I.V. or push any drug for a reason, you must know the side effects and the use for each of the drugs. Some states allow an EMT-B to maintain a I.V. that has been established by a EMT-I Tech. or higher (RN, PA,EMT-I, EMT-P, and EMT-PS). Minimum level to start a I.V. is an EMT-I or EMT-I Tech in some States.
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