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The Vending Machine Game!

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May as well try it again.....

**Drops in a nickel**

**Walks away with a shiny new gum wrapper**

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You get a cast iron pot with crusty grits left over from breakfast thanksgiving morning... **puts in quarter...

Hey Clutzy:: You & Kat can close the freezer door anytime now. Happy new year.

The vending machine company has received word of this defective machine and is now here and is removing the machine from the premises with a profuse set of apologies and refunds to all who got pieces

thats better than a shiny new condom wrapper :-} :whistle:

Drops in a quarter and gets the rest of last weeks half eaten tuna sandwich

Holy crap ::: did I see Terri was in the house :turned:

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Yeah, Terri keeps putting in quarters and getting nothing in return other than the disappointment of getting nothing in return. she stomps off angry after every quarter.

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i am tired of throwing quarters away and getting nothing back ...ok one more time

throws in a quarter and gets :icecream:

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