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  1. Great to hear that you passed it! Congratulations!!! Yes, you can have a long career in this profession even if you are STA (shorter than average) lol! But I do stress the back brace and going to a specialist or experienced practitioner who will fit you with a custom one if you plan on remaining in EMS for a long period of time. Many have told me that it is not needed anymore since technology has advanced to the point of loading stretchers into the rigs, etc. but you will still have those scenes in the back corner of the only apartment building in town that doesn't have an elevator in whi
  2. I think that the Trevor Lowey guy should probably run for mayor or something like that I don't have much critiquing skills so from my stand point and experience I think you hit the nail pretty square on the head~~I wish more agencies would bring these 'life like' scenario's to the students on a regular basis. I know it takes a ton of people, planning and preparation but dammit our kids are worth it and if it saves one car full of teenagers lives and one grizzled old EMS'rs sanity, the pay off is immeasurable...... I have been involved in similar scenario's over the years that we brou
  3. Us 'horizontally challenged' women in EMS have encountered that difficulty since I started....lol....I am a lifetime EMS'r who is 5'1 and 1/4" and weight range of 105 to 130 throughout my 25+ years career~~one of the biggest things I would say to you right now is "Get yourself a back brace and wear it religiously!" You will thank yourself when you are a tad older and lifting a grandchild.....your back will thank you for it as well! Thousands of petitions to the manufacturers requesting that they locate ambulance boxes closer to street level never worked for me so I had to continue stre
  4. Hey Medicgirl05~~ Is there anyone from your old squad that you are still friends with? Sometimes it helps to just sit and 'chat' with a co-worker that you feel completely safe with. They know what you've done and seen and how to relate and may even help you deal with some of the anxiety......I do agree with Mike as well, sometimes you have to find just the right counselor to help you learn how to deal with the anxiety. If you are in a larger area, the fire departments usually have a designated "Chaplain" that is available to talk with them and they have much the same experiences and thoug
  5. Terrific answer Paramedicmike....I think there was a tad bit of role reversal going on in the above posts~~I got to play resident cynic and you tempered it with hope Can I plus 2 your comment? Nice to see some of the tried and true are still here and still willing to lend a guiding hand~~hope I have time to visit more often~~
  6. I haven't posted in awhile and I am hesitant to jump back in...but here goes my thoughts. Take them with a grain of salt but realize they come directly from my heart~~ First off, ask yourself "why". Why do you want to be in EMS? If it's because you rode with an ambulance crew one night and got to see some cool things like dramatic car accidents and maybe a real rescue of one sort or another where the person 'almost died' but they saved him/her then that reason isn't good enough... The majority of EMS calls are not the high adrenaline, high stress calls that we see on TV
  7. Haven't gone to the link yet but by reading some of the responses I thought of a couple organizations that they may or may not qualify for if they are in a financially compromised situation at this time~ http://www.angelflight.com/ http://mercymedical.org/ After going to the link and reading his updates, it looks like he has contacted one of the above sites but is having insurance issues and trouble with medicaid. If you are in contact with him itku2er pass along this link as well~~http://www.accesstohealthcare.org/services-individuals/resources-seniors-and-people-with-disabili
  8. Scenes like this make me cringe. .. What is it going to take for those who are operating any vehicle with lights and sirens to realize that the flashy lights and screaming noise doesn't give them the right to disregard the safety of others... Not to mention their own safety as well those on board the vehicle that they are operating? Maybe we need to start implementing yearly EVOC courses for anyone that drives a vehicle with flashy lights to counteract the 'flip on hot button, shut off brain button' effect.
  9. Rest easy my dear friend, we will take the shift from here...... My sincerest condolences to you Mrs. Sparks and your entire family, his former co-workers, and those who have come to know and love him through his guidance and support in the forums. I talked with him many times through pm's and chat and will always hold great respect for his wisdom and encouragement.... He always took time to check in on me and help me through some valleys, or celebrate along with me in my accomplishments. Not to mention our visits about my SAR bloodhounds and his incredible love for the dogs your family bred
  10. *Shrugs* May as well try it again..... **Drops in a nickel** **Walks away with a shiny new gum wrapper**
  11. Thanks ERDoc~ That is one of the studies I was thinking of when I inquired as to mikeymedic's 'other factors'. In my personal opinion, lowly as it may be, it is not our 'job' to determine if someone is in pain, faking, or seeking. Unless however, you are going to continue to follow up with the patient, locate the correct program and ensure that they get help for their addiction, then follow them through the system......
  12. ?? So what 'other factors' are you using to determine if you believe your patient or not?
  13. **Drops in two mini tennis balls** **Gets a handful of dog poop in exchange** WTH is wrong with this machine.....................
  14. Waiting at the bottom of the slope to catch the men who are on the downhill slide...............
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