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8,000-calorie lunch?

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I have a pic that says that in an album dedicated to Vegetarian satire on myspace.

"I'll have the cruelly-tortured-for-its-entire-life-kept-alive-with-drugs-slaughtered-inhumanely-processed-unsanitarily-and-cooked-at-very-high-temperatures-to-kill-the-salmonella Sandwich, please"

BTW...I am not a Vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a Vegetarian cuz I hate plants :)

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Brainless sluts? Have they nothing better to do? Like find the nurses that are brainless morons, and send them to work in fast food joints?

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I don't ruff but after the weekend I had at the nursing home I might consider a job change! Sign me up. :D:D

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Having spent a few months in the great white north, I have to say I have also come to the conclusion that us Americans are a bunch of fatties. Growing up in a rural area, I can distinctly remember eating at McDonald's maybe three or four times a YEAR. Seriously, I'm not joking, the nearest Mickey D's was like 40 minutes away by car. I took it for granted that a good proportion of the population of the United States eat McDonald's several times a week.

However, I think Canadians must have some secret given both their love of Tim Horton's and lesser obesity rates. Maybe its all the hockey.

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Michael, I can honestly say that after watching that video that Im going to join my wife in not eating fast food for 6 months. Thanks. Granted thats not fast food... its still just as bad.


As far as the complaint about the nurses Im at a loss for words... they make no complaint (at least according to the video) of him pretending to be a doctor. But then again maybe because hes more appropriatley attired? Im guessing its more so about the atire and how it depicts a nurse than the use of the title that they are complaining about... the title is the only thing they have to make a legitamate complaint over. Frankly, while I cant speak for the average Joe Schmoe, I dont see a big deal in the costume theme... and I know nurses arnt ( :twisted: generally :twisted: ) "brainless sluts." My major gripe is that the attire is a bit over the top. I also dont eat at Hooters. Yes I can admire the female body with respect regardless of what shes wearing... but that dosnt mean I need to see almost all of it.

Im not sure about Arizona... but then again it may be a national standard... here in Connecticut you can not work in the kitchen area of a resturaunt without wearing no-slip closed shoes. Having worked in a kitchen for a short time wearing proper attire but still slipping and injuring myself, I cant imagine how they do it or get away with it. And being of the non-foot-fetish persuasion I find it disghusting. I walked into a Quiznos and the employees (of a certain ethnic decent) working in food prep were wearing sandals or flip flops. I have nothing against them as a whole or their customs... but come on your handling food!!!

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