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  1. Well, I certainly have not been on this site in a while. I have my reasons. Mostly because I have lost some interest in the emergency medical feild after some recent experiences. Yea for thoes of you following my life, it just keeps sucking lol. Anyways I wanted to stop in and say hi and tell everyone how much I think this show is an amazing peice of crap. I watched the first episode and wont even continue to watch it for free online. One guy I talked to said that its just a show and it sucking has nothing to do with how it portrays EMS. Well, for someone who does this job, he certainly
  2. Very good Richard. Though I was a fan of the FN P90 before they started using it on Stargate. The PS90 is a civillian legal version. It still fires the 5.7 round, basically the only difference is a few inches on the barrel and its semi-auto only. It really is a damn good gun considering its size and odd feed mechnism from the mag to the chamber.
  3. A few years back before I left my hometown, my department was having a social function for its members and there happened to be some models doing a shoot in the area. I was sent out on a public service run and who knows why I didnt take my gear, just left it on the engine. Anyways I return to find out that someone allowed said models (without approval of an officer no less) to pose on our apparatus... IN MY GEAR that I left on the engine. Some people thought it was funny, I was pi$$ed. Our department name and my name was on my helmet. Never saw the pics. Hope that it was dealt with by an offic
  4. Well Lone, we would have happally done that if it were possibe. Thing is when she finally decided to go down (steps from going out the door) it just so happend to be in a place where barley one of the four of us coud fit with her. We had the recources to do what you suggest... but even rolling her and pushing something rolled halfway up against her back and flipping her to pull (as you would change a bed without moving a pt) was completley out of the question. Had she not been in severe respritory distress, yea maybe we woulda had time. I wasnt on the initial crew... I neglected to mention I w
  5. Barriatrics is no fun when your patient tries to make it to the door with your assistance, dosnt and lays down on the floor near the door but still inside. Then you gatta move her on to a backboard and straddle her lifting her fat up so she can fit through the door while your partner and backup pulls the backboard through. You could smell the patient from outside the house... I never took so many showers in one day than I did that one. Thankfully it was end of my shift and I had worked the maximum hours allowed per day by company protocols.
  6. Dust is that in corallation with No Child Left Behind? I dont know if that was just a Connecticut or not but basically no recess, more books more tests to make the lazy kids look like they are doing more while simultaneously putting an excessive work load on kids that actually do their homework?
  7. Maybe she could seek out assistance from the ever so biased and opionated Justice Sotomayaer?
  8. Thanks all for your responses... I think Ill stick to an acoustic scope for now. Much appreciated as always.
  9. Well Mrs. Bedgood thats not good spirit. Yes I know Im only 24 and just a baby still and yes your statment is technically true. But regardless of age and your still young, you can do a lot. I know you dont want to be a nurse but this is just an example. A friend of mine went for her BS as an RN at the age of 50 and completed it successfully. I know another RN that started around 48 or 49. Also, I just read an article on yahoo about 2 months or ago about a man in his 60s who applied for a police department with no age limit. He was hired (with NO prior experience law enforcement or military) an
  10. Oooooh, I get it. THATS why the first EMS company I worked for sucks so much... its owned by a man who was only an EMT-Basic for maybe a decade, and that was in the caddilac days. I always thought it had something to do with his real-estate and other properties including half the city the EMS company is in being more important. Im not being sarcastic either. This is a man who orders us to park unused ambulances on the cliff overlooking the city for advertising purposes (NOT PR).
  11. Hello friends. Hope your all doing well. As I break back into EMS I am seeking a new scope and having used and loved the cheapest scope in Littmanns lineup (the Lightweight) I dont think I will ever go to another brand. I am considering an electronic scope in part because of its claim for ambient noise cancellation, and sometimes I just have a hard time with lung sounds. I am just curious as if anyone owns either model and what they think of it vs. an accoustic scope? I know a couple people who have sworn by them but they are kinda the popularity bandwagon types. I know they come with a
  12. Could you be more specific? I know you said you cant explain it but I really dont understand what "it" is. Do you not like the company? Do you not like something they do (or dont do) or may have said? Coult it also be that, as you said, you just moved across the country? I just moved from Connecticut to Tennessee and while I like it 100 times better here, Fire/EMS is almost a different monster here, the job seems to be a lot more serious. Not to mention getting used to the people as well as the weather (about 115 heat index here vs. 80 maybe 90 degrees back home at this time). I can
  13. Thats not what I mean chaser. From a mating stand point color plays a role in the mate an animal chooses. It dosnt apply to all animals and Ill call myself out on it not being enirley pertinant to the topic but it still holds relevance. Is it the same as a human being racist? No... but to say that colors of one animal dont mean anything to another is not entirley true.
  14. Crochity, no offense brother but I have been away from this site for quite a while and I come back and your still posting about racism and stuff. There is no doubt in my mind that racism still exists and Im sure the average person who looks at the world with open eyes knows this too. Im willing to bet most of us in this feild look at the world with open eyes. Color does play into how animals of the same species look at eachother... it all comes down to mating. Does that make it allright for humans to be the same way? Of course not, but the afore mentioned still stands as fact. Im jus
  15. Dust you certainly dont have to tell me twice. I know Ive told this story a million times here but having dated a wal-mart employee and working full time EMS 60 or so + hours a week and being told by said employee that my job is easy and hers is hard cuz "all I do" is drive a truck? Id love to see her get punched in the face by a drunk at 3am who just flipped daddys Mustang GT and at that point has nothing to lose. And do I even need to mention: Never anyone around when you have a question and if there is its, "not my department I dont know anything about that." Or my personal favor
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