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You might be in the NYC*EMS System if........

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You purposely listen to PD radios and UCA yourself to the atom where the good job is going to be dispatched.

You know what the reference "atom" means.

You have a partner who deplores partners who listen for jobs on PD frequencies.

You have a portable DVD player, and bring a substantial DVD library along with you to view between calls. Invariably, those tours either have no calls, or the mother of all MCI calls, or that's the tour when the boro chief decides to pay a visit to the street corner you're supposed to be at, except you're 2 blocks away where it's darker, so you can see the screen better.

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You know D----- (Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst Brooklyn).

You took D----, paid for his ticket, brought him to the EMS Party, dropped him back off, and then picked him up shortly thereafter because he called 911.

You have to push through FDNY and NYPD ESU fighting over a pin job just to get to the patient.

You know what "facilitate" means.

You give up a job because either you or your partner is facilitating.

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You know what "on the job" and "Back in the game" mean......

You purposely listen to PD radios and UCA yourself to the atom where the good job is going to be dispatched.

AAGGGGGGGGGGGG... my favorite least favorite was " Turn the page"

Or you ever said.." City wide i think your going to handle this one"

You know Kenny from the Bronx even knew when he said " alderten" he ment Allerton... or that if he had a job down south that ment you were going to 138 and St. Annes.... Usualy very quickly....

You know how to stealth buff...

You know a 3 fingered captain....

You never wore the orange rain coat, but the green vest liner was an every day wear (for the pockets) even in August.

You stood on line at a phone in a bar to talk to the sick desk..

heard a boss say"The MOS in question will not be with us tonight"

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You know Dougie will fill out your ACR for you if you ask him, right?

I usally don't have to deal with him...joys of being a medic.

Where in the city are ya shook?

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