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  1. Wheeled coach sucks. Several of the hospitals around here bought wheeled coach, and they are all falling apart already. One hospital is even bringing legal action against them because of all the problems they are having. Brauns are indestructible. We are still using 94 brauns, and they are more reliable than the 2005 wheeled coach.
  2. It's not going to happen anytime soon.
  3. Yeah depends on his mood. He just goes from 54 to 94 and back every day, he likes the food better at 54 but usually sleeps at 94. If we see him in the street we usually flag ourselves for him at 30 minutes to shift change so we don't get a late job.
  4. You UCA yourself to the atom behind another bus's 89 half an hour before tour change so you dont get a late job.
  5. I use KED's because that's the local protocol, I just think they're a waste of time 99% of the time.
  6. KEDs are useless anyway, better off without them.
  7. You know Dougie will fill out your ACR for you if you ask him, right?
  8. I transported 5 patients today, I don't think any of them needed an ambulance. "Hello, 911? I got bitten by a dog 10 days ago and I think I have rabies." "Hello, 911? I have a fever of 100, I need to go to the hospital." Our protocol says that we must recommend to every pt we have contact with that they should go to the hospital. I'd say at least 80-90% of the jobs we do are not true emergencies.
  9. Glucose is broken down into carbon dioxide, not ATP. The process of breaking it down into CO2 (or lactic acid in the absence of oxygen) changes AMP into ATP, and that stores the energy until it is used.
  10. In NYC, the 911 busses don't carry them anymore, as they are not in the remsco protocols. There isn't anywhere in NYC that you're more than 20 minutes from a hospital anyway, so they were never used.
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