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  1. I spoke with Seattle FD about the process that one would become a SFD paramedic (aka Medic One). I was told that even if I was already certified as a Paramedic in Washington State or NR, I would have to be hired as and work as a Firefighter for a minimum of 3 years. After 3 years I could apply to the Medic One program & if accepted I would have to go through their paramedic training program via Harborview Medical Center. (Even if already a paramedic, you have to go back & do it again). Once you complete that training you are promoted to FF/Paramedic & you work as a paramedic on the Medic One trucks & no longer as a firefighter. While I was kinda surprised with the part about having to go back to medic school being that you would be on the clock for that it wasn't as big a deal for me as the fact that I would have to work as a firefighter for 3 years. Forgive my long response, Seattle is an amazing city with an excellent standard of care for their citizens and it would have been great to go be a participant in that excellence. Sadly, I don't want to fight fires. Good luck, you have plenty of time to decide. Jennifer NYC Paramedic ps I spoke with them about 2-3 years ago so this is relatively fresh information.
  2. Hey just curious if anyone out there knows which voluntary hospitals are hiring in NYC, specifically BLS and in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I am very interested in LICH and Cabrini. Also, Beth Israel and NY Downtown. Any really in Manhattan. This is for an experienced NYC 911 provider, full time or per diem. Thanks for the info in advance. Irishedp
  3. hey does the "D" you refer to rhyme with menace?? if so lol!!!
  4. I am sure everyone here in urban EMS will contend that they live in a dangerous city. Referring to New Jersey/New York since I have worked EMS in both, I would have to say NJ is much more dangerous. I won't speak of Newark, Camden, Irvington(scary place) or ACY. Nor will I mention Paterson, Pleasantville, or Trenton which are all really urban and have issues. I will speak of what I know. Jersey City and NYC. Anytime I have had a job in NYC where my safety was an issue, it was rare that I had a problem getting the police to respond. (maybe during shift change) However in JC, I feel like the cops there are sooooo freaking busy with all the messed up people, that I usually get to calls well before them where I should not even be on the block. I have felt more threatened by pts there. Almost every other call in JC is an EDP or assult. In NYC COPS go to EVERY EDP call not just the "unsafe" ones. While overall the call volume compared to NYC is about 10% per year, the per unit call volume is horrendous. NYC has plenty of resources whereas JC has only 4 BLS units on overnight shifts and 3 ALS. So while in NYC i did MAYBE 7-10 calls in an 8hr shift (day shift in Brooklyn) out here I do proobably 15-25 calls in a 12hr shift, and because of the limited resources they come non-stop. By the way more related to the topic of this post.. You know your in Urban EMS when : your pt. is covered in their own feces and they have a family of maggots living in their lower extremities. (as in home sweet home for these flys/maggots) your pt is a teenager who is UNINJURED and ambulatory for approx 20 minutes on scene after a close call with a MOTORCYCLE, that is until his MOTHER shows up and tells him he is in too much pain to walk and to remember to say the guy was speeding to the lawyers.....and yes he decided to limp into the ER....why?? the only thing he was struck with was air........ Reservations for 4 anyone???? IrishEDP Be safe out there.
  5. When the most common fragrance in the elevators is URINE. When you cannot put your equipment down because the highly visible roach population in the pt's apartment may decide to relocate to your jump bag. when your OB patients are waiting at the curb with their luggage and 10 other children. (where's the father again???) when your EDP's have a preference of Psych ER based on the food In NYC only: when your MVA is on the BQE and when you arrive there are 20 minivans and 10 crown vic's with flashing lights blocking traffic waiting for the Hatzolah bus to arrive for the "scratched hand". IrishEDP Be safe out there.
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