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    I do understand and I don't care if any profit is made from this. I just want to write it. If any profit is gained I would not keep any of it.
  2. mhurtgen


    That's perfectly fine. I am hoping to get interest from publishers and if that fails I'm going to try to self publish. Cover art and hopefully some other illustrations will be involved eventually.
  3. mhurtgen


    I honestly don't know if anything will come from writing this so I can not guarantee anything, but if it were to ever be published I would share any profits with anyone who contributed.
  4. mhurtgen


    Hi everybody. I am new from Chicago. I am currently working on a book to show the hard call and struggles faced in this field as well as the more interesting/entertaining calls we get. If anyone if willing to share their stories with me that would be greatly appreciated. Please reach out to me if you want to help out or if you just need to talk. Thanks Mary
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