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  1. So I'm taking the NREMT exam after the holidays for the second time. 11yrs as an EMT and this was the hardest thing I've ever done. I have the AAOS 9th edition Emergency care and transport of the sick and injured book from my last refresher. Is this a good study guide for the NREMT or can someone suggest something else. I really want to pass this exam. Thanks
  2. I've had this account for almost but never took advantage of it till now lol. EMT since 99' last few years done communications as well Hope everyone has a safe wonderful holiday season and new year
  3. [/font:65a0f3d3d2] Seriously considering a move out of NYC the stress in EMS and politics are the worst. I'd like to stay on the east coast. Does anyone have the same problem and can share some ideas w/ me.....Thank you
  4. [/font:880df1a302] I It's been a few years but I'm here again....33 y/o EMT from bklyn NY work in NYC for NY hospital hope everyone has a safe and healthy new year
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