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  1. Hey Kaisu, long time no see. I haven't been on here in a while. How's Drako doing? My older brother just shot himself. Just before Christmas. How are you doing?
  2. Want me to call you an ambulance?
  3. BRAVO! Too F*#@in funny! Almost incontinent funny! Great job.
  4. Oh dude....way cool! That trains gonna like, catch air maaaaaan! Like, Awesome dude, like, air time dude. And then the garden hose will explode in like, a sploosh of water spray that will like, frame the train in like a halo of rainbow colored awesomeness. Totally!!! OK like, when's the train coming dude? Dude? whoa....
  5. Dear ClutzyEMT and ERDoc, Clutzy, first of all, thank you for posting about your patient. It's a good reminder to all of us that we cannot judge people. Bad things happen to good people and there but for the grace of God go I...or however it goes. Believe me, I know, I've been on both sides of the knife. We can't judge people because you just don't know. Compassion and good naps are the order of the day. NOW...I personally, don't think ERDoc was disrespecting his patient at all. I agree with him totally about the end of life thing. Let her do what she wants. The facility is the one that's full of shit and wasting resources. Hell, he even sat behind her so he could chuckle TO HIMSELF. Just my opinion. ERDoc, THANKS A *!##*ING LOT!!! That kittyfrog picture scared the hell outta me! Now I got coffee in my keyboard....DON'T YOU THINK BEFORE YOU POST? scared the bajesus outta me....
  6. ERDoc - island emt - Very funny post's, thank you for the early morning laughs.
  7. I've transported a pain in the butt..... but a toe.....which toe are we talking about?
  8. Congratulations Sir and happy retirement! Doesn't retirement really just mean that you're......BACK IN SERVICE!
  9. I had an acid trip like that once... Smelled like pine sol.....that's funny....NO, I mean, OMG that's horrible!.....NO, wait, I mean, I didn't know the Romans had chippers?
  10. To everyone at EMTCity, Whatever you call the Holiday's...I hope you all have a very nice one. Stay safe. "The Patient First!"
  11. Can't we vent to you? Your management. And where else are we to post our problems (if real)?
  12. Tell me WHY you want to become a medic?
  13. Better late than never.....Welcome to the city!
  14. Welcome Icepax, you guys in the UK (EMS and NHS) have a great sense of humour! (For all you Yanks reading this, that's British for humor) Have you ever crossed paths with Tom Reynolds (real name Brian Kellett), the UK medic who wrote the book Blood, Sweat and Tea...which was turned into the UK show Sirens? Again, welcome. Mike
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