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  1. Not only can it differ by state if can differ by county/city and employer. Your best bet would be to contact each state's governing body, it is only 50 calls
  2. Content deleted by Dwayne. It was simply a rant about being unfairly censored by the 'thought police' and made no attempt to participate in the thread. Consider yourself policed. For the record, I have no idea who deleted Flaming's previous posts.
  3. Really, 20 million unemployed, but all we have to do is say "I am Bill Gates", I am Bill Gates", I am Bill Gates", and all will be just fine. Sorry doc, maybe in your circle of friends that is true, but not in the real world. Simple statistics should tell you that if only 1%of america has this much wealth, I do not think we can blame the other 99% for not reaching the goal. And for many of these super wealthy, it was given to them by their parents.
  4. Really doc, we could all choose to be Bill Gates. If that is so, why isnt everyone a multibillionaire, if it is so easy, we all would have done it. As far as government spending, you are assuming we would continue at present levels. I would not. How much money is wasted on corporate wellfare and tax breaks for the rich. Those figures are what is quoted by their accountants after they do all their funny math to it. Reminds me of an old joke, 3 accountants are applying for a job, and are asked one single interview question: "What is 2+2 ? The two that answered "4" were not hired, the candidate who got the job answered, "What would you like it to be?" If we quit sending the money to the Oil companies, the defense department, the rich banks, and wall street, we could probably cut our spending in half. Those who support trickle-down economics do so because they still believe that they will somehow become a millionaire one day, and feel they will be hurt by increase taxes. But the fact is, if you are over 30, you are pretty much at the income level you will be for the rest of your life (within 25-50k).
  5. The authors text: 1) Let's get education on track. Paramedic should be an associate's degree. EMTs and Advanced EMTs should require more anatomy and physiology. Educators should know more than the book, and be trained to teach, in order to push students to a higher standard. Not everyone can be successful in EMS, and that's okay. 2) Push for a living wage. That would include a working environment that doesn't require 60-80 hours a week in order to make ends meet. EMS providers have families, take vacations, save for retirement. Don't all of us deserve that? 3) Be more than what we are. The only constant in life is change. EMS is no different. To not evolve is to perish. We can do more to benefit our community, to be more meaningful and have a more effective mission. I hate to disappoint some of you, but we have been around long enough to have our own dinosaurs. Johnny and Roy have been gone a long, long time. Why do we still think in that paradigm? 4) Be the master. EMS exists at the nexus of public safety, public health and health care. The overlap of function varies from one region to the next, but the general premise is clear: we are a jack of all trades, and master of none. This cannot continue to exist; we need to be masters of all we do. 5) Commit to service excellence. We would all like to think we provide the highest quality service. Fact is, most of us provide the best service we can, given the circumstances. The two concepts do not mean the same thing. MY RETORT 1. Get the educators out of EMS, and let the industry decide. Educators only keep lumping on more classroom hours, and more certification levels to increase their industry's jobs. More class-room requirements, equals more teaching jobs, and they have flooded the market with EMTBs that drug all of our salaries down. I think education is a good thing, but it should not be mandated by the instructors. 2. I agree, everyone that "works" for a living should make at least $100k/year. Obama will get us there. 3. Cant argue with that, very few advancements in our industry since the 60s have come from within. 4. As long as healthcare is the mess it is, we will never achieve this goal. There is not enough funding through our claims to support our function, so we will always be the red-headed step child until Obama-Care is initiated. 5. Can not argue with that, can anyone in this room tell me two things your service IMPROVED in 2011 ?
  6. Nice try doc, but let me school you a little on economics. First of all, I never said we would pay off everything in one year, I imagine it will take many more years to dig out of this economic mess that republicans created, and yes net wealth is the same as income, it is just a different way of looking at it. Most of these billionaires do not draw a true pay check, if they do it is a modest amount. Rather, they are paid in stock options and bonuses, that are taxed differently. Then the "invest" in houses, boats, cars, jewelry, investments. There is where the comment about Buffett paying a lower percentage in taxes than his secretary rings true. We have never had such a large income gap between the haves and have nots as we do right now. The common man's wages have been stagnant or reduced for the past decade, as the CEOs and boardmembers continue to give each other raises. Here are a few facts that may interest those of us who are not in the 1% that control this country. http://www.businessinsider.com/15-charts-about-wealth-and-inequality-in-america-2010-4#the-gap-between-the-top-1-and-everyone-else-hasnt-been-this-bad-since-the-roaring-twenties-1
  7. Spoken like true republicans living off the government but in denial that you do. I do not know where you work, but if you are in EMS, you are totally funded from the government tit. You are either funded by a municipal government body through taxes, or you work for a private/hospital service that is funded through Medicare/Medicaid. Either way, the government pays your salary and benefits. Do either of you have any idea how much health insurance costs, I do not mean your portion, I mean the whole bill for you and your employer combined ? It's between $600-1000/month, for a bare-bones plan. When you work for a small employer (less than 20 employees) or are self-employed, it is nearly impossible to get an affordable health policy, and if you have any pre-existing conditions, you are toast. Of course you two cannot be bothered with the facts, as you ask everyone else to do the opposite of what you have done, "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and do not seek government assistance", when you probably have all of your boots and clothes (for work) provided to you by the government, if not directly at least indirectly as you deposit your government paycheck every two weeks. If we had everything over a million dollars that ten of these people earned, we would not need charity JPIN, we would not have a national debt, we could afford free college tuition, healthcare, and social security for everyone, and could probably take your tax rate down to zero. http://www.forbes.com/forbes-400/list/
  8. If I were king your first million would be tax free, everything over a million taxed at 100%, that is fair, no one needs more than that too live in the us.
  9. Yes, I eat out at restaurants, but I always ask my waitress to palm my plate, and not touch the top. And to your other question, I do not have sex with strangers. I am not a germophobe like Monk, but you have to know that the human hand is the nastiest thing on this planet.
  10. Other than a handshake, no, and then I whip out my sanitizer and fix the germs.
  11. 1. He got rid of that horrible redneck military policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell". We can now serve in the military with pride. 2. By passing healthcare for all, he really helped the gay community, as many of us are employed in industries that do not provide health care: Florist, Designers, Writers, Actors, Musicians, Chefs, etc........... 3. And he finally stood up to the evil rich and said that you need to pay your fair share of taxes. In his next term he will be able to balance the haves and have-nots.
  12. The only logical choice is to reelect Obama, republicans will drive us back into that trickle-down economic theory that got us into this mess. It is amazing that so many white people are republicans, when it is the democrats that are for the working man. I understand why rich white people are republicans, but I will never understand why the middle class choose to be republican. I can not wait for my Obama Healthcare Card.
  13. smash, revenge, american horror story, being human, fairly legal,shameless, teenwolf (MTV). They all have LBGT characters.I do not understand america's fascination with Beck, Rush, or Shawn. All they do is whine and complain all day, I would rather turn on the mexican channel and listen to marriuchi bands
  14. Actually I do not use public restrooms or wash my hands in them. I carry hand sanitizer. And if i did use a public restroom, I would not wash my hands. If you use a public restroom, you have only touched your penis if you do not wash hands. When you wash your hands in a public restroom, you have touched everyone's penis (or worse). Every shift, I wipe down everything that could have been touched by other employees including the clipboard and radios.
  15. In the age of C-Diff and MRSA you guys are still letting your bare skin touch a patient ???? I just looked up thermometers in our supply catalogue, you can buy digital thermometers for less than $5.00, you can by a box of 100 tempadots for $10.00. Sometimes you have to band together and demand that your cheap bosses provide you with the tools to do your job.
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