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  1. No formal code here, but we have a good relationship with all the patrol officers. (small county, first name basis with all of them) If I got on the radio and said I need help they would be there as fast as practical, without being told by dispatch to respond, they would just hear it and respond.
  2. Thank you for the information, at last something new! I have never heard of the tampon thing before but have seen the alcohol enema. Good way to kill your self. thanks again.
  3. Probably would where I work, but then again where I work we have limited resources and it could take a quite long time for someone else to arrive. This is of course assuming the condition of the first patient would be ok and a delay would not be detrimental. Stopping is not automatically negligent or abandoning a patient. If you double load from a MVA and you (paramedic) leave one patient with your EMT partner while you took the other in the ER are you abandoning the first patient? If you are at a MCI and you start doing triage, are you abandoning the first patients you look at when you leave them to check out other patients?
  4. the traditional cure here is NS with an amp of D50. Yes, it is wrong to do. No I have not ever done it. The most I have done ( and not for a hangover) is some O2 for a headache, which technically is wrong too.
  5. why would I need a sticker on anything? My job is paramedic, (and I do it very well) it is what I do, not who I am. I don't speed or deliberately break the law. I expect to be treated the same as anyone else should I be pulled over. I have no need or desire to advertise my occupation for any reason. I don't need a sticker to make myself feel good about myself or to impress people.
  6. As I said in my post the call volume generally will not be problem. We do no transfers All calls are 911 and our refusal rate is high. (I work in small mountain town with 20+ Casinos and its amazing how many people would risk getting sicker than than to give up their lucky slot machine) So call volume is not usually an issue for us. What I want to know is the legality of the schedule, is it or is it not legal? I know many FD's use it but they operate under a different set of rules than a non-profit or for profit ambulance service. We are not a government entity like most FD's. Any help?
  7. No you are not a racist. You are pointing out a situation that is more prevalent in certain groups of people. It is amazing that in this country we are guaranteed a 12th grade education at the taxpayers expense but because certain values and standards are not instilled in our children that certain groups have higher (very significantly higher) rates of drop out, illiteracy, unemployment, reliance on social services etc. There are many people who overcome this situation and have good values instilled by their parents, guardians etc. There are also many people who overcome simply because they choose not to perpetuate that life. Teach your children values and mores, be a positive role model for your children. Until this happens and we change the entire thought process of a broad class of people things will continue this way. I believe there is no excuse for 99% of the people you are describing. If there are no jobs move to where there are. If you think your schools are substandard move to another school district. Have pride in yourself! Thanks for bringing this up and not worrying about being PC. Things are getting out of hand with our social programs, everyone is afraid of offending someone. Make individuals for their decisions, not society. End of Rant.
  8. I work for a company (a 501 © 3). We work very closely with a fire department but are not part of it. They are contemplating going to a 48/96 schedule. (48 hours on and 96 hours off basically 2 days on 4 days off). My employer has told me that if the fire department goes to this schedule the ambulance company will not. We have argued that since we currently follow a modified Kelly rotation and work the same shifts as the FD it would be in our best interest to continue working the same shifts as the FD. The employers response is "its illegal, we can't do it". Does anyone know whether this statement carries any truth? If so can you direct to the the federal law that applies? Personally I like the idea and would be very willing to give it a test to she how it actually works. Our call volume is generally light enough that I do not think fatigue would be problem. It would also be beneficial to continue working the same shifts with the same fire staff and continue to maintain cohesion etc with them........ Any input? Thanks
  9. damn, beating neighborhood kids, womanizing? not to mention a few others, I thought I would sound bad if I said go to bed with my partner, but I guess not. PS, its not what you think, my partner is my wife! Get your minds out of the gutter!
  10. Give me a break! Asking a blanket question like that. Tell me exactly what you mean. Being deaf means so many things. i may be deaf to high tones but not low. I may be deaf but with the aid of electronics aids be able to hear. if I can't hear well enough to discern breath sounds its ok for me to work as a medic but how will i do my job. quit being a fool ask a well defined question. until you do you poll has no merit
  11. Give me a break. just how important and wonderful do you think you are. We are paramedics and emts. our training is not that much greater than a first responder in the vast scheme of things. All I care about is competency. Let me tell you, there are tons of incompetent medics and emts out there and I would rather have a bystander than some of them. As to the statement that you need 3 people on an ambulance. Where do you get that idea? 95% of the calls do not require more than a driver and attendant. If you are running nothing but arrests and level 1 trauma than more power to you. But get realistic. you don't need that for full time staffing and who can afford that unless you are a government agency or have one hell of a great subsidy.
  12. dude it can be appropriate to do cpr on a person with a pulse. If the pulse is too slow or not perfusing well enough. do cpr.
  13. Unless you are worried about them going directly into surgery or that they will puke on you who says we can't?
  14. See the title of my post that is my opinion of a LSB. Show mw one qualified study that shows that a LSB prevents further injury in any type of spinal injury. so much of what we do has no science behind it, including c-spining unless there is deformity, or existing neuroligical deficits. Have you ever heard of anyone not being c-spined and later collapsing because of a spinal injury? Only if ther is a bleed or a clot that is forming in the spine and a board and collar will not prevent that.
  15. it must be nice being able to use a 4-wheeler or a horse to get where you are going. Try climbing up a talus slope for some idjit or drove his 4-wheeler off Rollins pass......................
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