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  1. Love the name.

    Diazepam should be dispursed via aresol cans down the halls of hospitals/back of ambos...haha.

  2. sorry...I just saw that I had posted the same pic as scott33. No intentions of being a jerk here. ~Ec
  3. Right Sided Inferior Myocardial Infarction = Leads II, III, and aVF. It definitely helps to look at the monitor....watch your nitros with right sided heart failure.
  4. I work at an extended care facility (ie. pts on ventilators/trachs). It is pretty much a nursing home setting. Thank you....and you're welcome.
  5. "You Shook Me All Night Long" by: AC/DC
  6. No...it is not "normal" for EMT-Bs to be learning this. Of course you will learn these calculations in an LVN program. Your formula is basic, but it varies depending on what one is solving for. One must obviously know the volume to be infused, the time that the medication is to be deliverd over, and the drip rate factor (i.e. micro vs. macro). Give me one of your problems and I will solve it for you step by step so you can see it all mapped out (I would try and make one up but I can't think right now, as it is 0215 and I'm beat). ~Ec PS Go for the RN :wink:
  7. ahh....take it...just got off of a shift...sounds good. Leaving a kiwi-strawberry flavored vitamin water.
  8. A decent article found on jems.com: [web:b2513e3c75]http://www.jems.com/news_and_articles/columns/Bledsoe/saving_the_air_medical_industry.html[/web:b2513e3c75]
  9. ah what the hell...take it... rappelling australian style off of a ladder tower!
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