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  1. this happened the other day to us ******rescue please respond for pt who has superglued he finger to counter. Get there and pt had glued entire index finger to counter. After 40 minutes of working with acetone to get finger undone we had to cut off the laminate portion of counter and send her to ED. Very hard not to laugh the whole time
  2. OK I feel the same way some others do I feel old enough to be the mother of some of these young pups. I don't mind feeling my age sometimes but sometimes I also like feeling like I am not the grandmother around either. So ty for the wonderful way of being able to hide my age.
  3. our response time can be anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes with 20 -45 min transport time. It all depends on where we are in town. BUt like someone else said it really makes us better care providers
  4. we use Zoll with pads have never seen anyone use paddles except at the ED
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