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  1. SSG G-man


    CH- You make the point I was going to. 68W is Health Care Specialist. He is all hyped on being a a combat medic, but his next assignment could be sitting at Rader Clinic on Ft Myer doing vitals on all the retires and trateing the Soldiers at sick call. At that point will he still be so John Wayne in his attitude? I tell ya, I have a lot of respect for the folks at Rader, dealing with those retired guys that were fighting in Normandy or Iwo Jima, long before Doc D was a twinkle in Mommy and Daddy's eyes!!!! I guess he does not realize hehas to be in combat to be a combat medic. The rest of
  2. I spent the first 12 years of my career with several uunits in the 29th ID(L). I have since been working at various positions at the Army NAtional Guard Readiness Center. I am technically assigned to HQ Company US Army at Ft Myer, VA. IT is the largest Company in the Army with over 1,000 Soldiers assigned. I was 11B and am now a 32A, being trying to get a reclass to 68W, but there are few slots available where I work so I am SOL. I will probably hang up the uniform in a few years. I am currently working on my Masters in Emergency and Disaster Management so I can move into a civilian job whe
  3. Life is AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. Life is AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. Life is AWESOME!!!!!!

  6. Damn, CH, I am jealous!!!! I never in my 18 years of M-day and AGR had oportunities like those!!!!
  7. SSG G-man


    DOC D, I almost 18 years in uniform, so I think I know of what I speak. I would same some Soldiers dip, chew,or smoke. "Most" implies a majority and in my experience the number was never a majority and is shinking day by day.
  8. Maybe I am off, but I did not take the original post too seriously since this is posted in "funny stuff" section. Ithink had people thought a little about where it was posted there may have been a few less people jumping on the OP. Just my $.02. Sarge
  9. Our system gives a 15 second hot mike. That way you can give any information. Dispatch will not check, they will notdo any checks, just send help to your location. Also there are duration checks every 10 minutes after arrival. Dispatch will say "Ambulance 28 duration of your call 10 minutes." You responsed with your unit number, "Ambulance 28." in this case. If there is an issue you respond with your unit number and an pfonetic alaphabet disignation that I am not going to disclose. This will send help with out question. Dispatch will acknowledge and move to another channel to send help.
  10. Our communcations center checks in every 10 minutes while on a call. IF no response the cavalry will be sent to last known location. Also, at least one member of the crew has a portable radio when we are away from the unit, so if the unit gets taken we have a means of communication. If we are in a situation of duress we can respond to the commo check with our unit number followed by "Romeo" and the cavalry comes. Our radios are also equipped with the emergency button that gives 15 seconds of hot mike overriding all commo on that channel. Hope this helps. Sarge
  11. Another black eye to EMS in DC. I live in VA and pray that if I ever get sick or hurt in DC someone will drag me accross the line into Arlington VA!!!! Please dont drag me east into PG County either! Happy Holidays to all!
  12. Well, I can relate to the feelings so many of us have. I am in the military and go crazy watching shows/movies which do things wrong. My ex wife and current girlfriend will tell you that watching anything military on TV with me can be torture! Hell, I even biched during G.I. Joe!!!! (I wont watch The Unit o TV and almost lost my mind during the movie Basic!!) So we can do one of two things, quit watching or watch and accept the issues. I mean come on folks, was MASH correct either militarily or medically? But it was a grat show. I think people know that any TV show uses lots of creative licen
  13. I can not be at the conference, but I might make some of the evening socializing if given locations. Would be driving up from Northern VA. Sarge
  14. Yep! About $120 a month! I was doing a carton a week at about $30 per at the PX on post! Will cover the increase in my rent this month!
  15. Well, I am on day 27 smoke free with Chantix! I am going to do the full course of the meds this time. Hopefully I wont back slide again! Had about a week of messed up sleep, but then it has been smooth sailing ever since.
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