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  1. thriceknight


    From one new to the site member to another..Hi there Look forward to your posts. Question though....whats the squirrel reference mean? ? ? ? Nice to have you Ashley Bryan
  2. Why are most conservative/republicans BATSHIT crazy?!?!?!? Maybe its because they all believe in an imaginary friend in the sky who says gay people can't get married and that you can't have an abortion. Leave ur superstitions at home. I don't want you running my country.

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    2. chbare


      True that Dwayne. Most people are in the middle somewhere, but for some reason, politics would have us believe that there is either a liberal democrat or conservative republican way to look at the world and nothing else. That is perhaps the craziest way to think...

    3. Just Plain Ruff

      Just Plain Ruff

      no what the media and our current batch of politicians would have us believe is that all conservatives are batshit crazy when the reality is that the batshit crazy ones are the fringe. I know dozens of conservatives and none of them fit the mold of what the media portrays them as.

    4. thriceknight


      Thats true. I shouldn't have put "all". Should have said "most". And I agree Dwayne Radicals of anything are batshit crazy. Everyone has a right to believe whatever they want. BUT. I don't want you leading the country with your beliefs clouding logical reasoning. Thats all i was really tryin to say.


  3. Hello everyone. New user so hopefully this is the appropriate place for this thread. I was wondering if anyone has gone through or knows someone who's gone through the paramedic program at Santa Rosa Junior College? If you've heard anything about they're program. Good or bad. Any information would be great. Thanks Bryan
  4. Up here on the northern California coast,several hours north of San Francisco, we have 1.25hr-2.25hr ground transport times. Closest level 1 trauma center is inland roughly 2.25hrs by ground,so weather permitting we rely on HEMS. So if we do not RAS/AMA and the Pt is stable its basically an hour plus trip in any direction. We basically look at the ride up with the Pt a good time to work on our soft skills. Plus our community is so small that you probably know the Pt so that can be nice. Otherwise we just monitor and let them rest quietly.
  5. Uh no. When I was hired at PT-1 before I actually started work I was asked by a station supervisor to send out an email introducing myself as a courtesy to my future fellow workmates. And I get a great response and found that it was a nice ice-breaker and conversation starter. So I thought I'd do the same here.
  6. Hello Everyone. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Bryan,28 YOM, and I'm currently an EMT-B working for a private ambulance company up here on the northern California coast. I worked briefly in San Francisco for Protransport-1 but it did not work out due to scheduling issues. I am also a member of the local fire department. We aren't extremely busy in my area. We average I think 400 or so calls with the private ambulance company and 200-300 with the fire department. I'm looking forward to taking some math,chemistry,A&P,Spanish,English,and Basic Arrhythmia this next year while I research where I want to go for Medic school. I love: Music..favorite bands are Thrice,A Perfect Circle,TOOL,Jay-Z,and many more. Movies..favorite movie is Goodfellas Reading...favorite author is Vince Flynn Playing and recording music and getting to know new people Well I look forward to meeting and exchanging experiences,ideas,and knowledge with any and all of you. Cheers! Bryan W
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