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  1. Status Updates are back.

  2. Site back up. Moved to faster server.

  3. Update your status by clicking your name on the top right of the screen.

  4. Upgrade complete... tweeking to follow.

  5. firefightercity.com now open for business.

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    2. spenac


      Need to post a permanent link here so I can go harass the fire fighters.

    3. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Or you could bookmark the site like 'regular folks' do....ROFLMAO

    4. spenac


      Now Lone stop using common sense we know it's not allowed in fire fighting.

  6. Moved to a server with more resources... loads much quicker now. :)

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      Chat still takes 2 or 3 attempts to load...

    2. scubanurse


      I always get in on the first time

    3. TylerHastings


      I love the new speed...Thank the good interweb gods and thanks admin as well...

  7. Reminder: If you want to get rid of the ads, and see who give you reps, become a sponsor.

  8. Chat updated. You can now pop-out chat into own window.

  9. Upgrade done. Seems to load faster now also.

    1. tniuqs


      Yea thanks for filling my in box.

      j/k Things appears to be back up to snuff.

  10. EMS Discussion area is still being worked on

  11. working on missing posts issue

    1. EMT City Administrator
    2. tniuqs


      Good Lord Man my Inbox is flooded !

  12. Site was offline for update.. forgot to put it back online this AM.... oooppss..

  13. New look. The old homepage was no longer supported by the software maker.

  14. Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door.

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