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  1. While I do understand the OP's concern for their legal risk on both sides of this equation, I also would offer this opinion. Drug abusers', whether wearing an EMS, Police, Fire, RN, MD, uniform or filthy rags of a homeless person are at their very core drug abusers. No more, no less. Due to the "professional's" access to pain medicine, it makes for a very tempting environment to either steal or divert narcotics to themselves. News media of all forms are replete with seemingly countless examples of prescription med theft and instances of providers "diverting" or stealing narcotics through
  2. If it was done in an adult cath lab, they had better da*$#d well been certified to perform pediatric heart caths and immediate access to a CV surgeon capable of emergency pediatric surgery. As you are aware, WPW is to say the least elusive and requires extensive mapping to locate the aberrent focus. I agree with one of the other posts on here that RF ablation is about 90% effective in resolving this. Since it seems to be recurring it makes me wonder if there were additional pathways that were missed. One question i have for you, is he on any anticoagulant medications? It seems prude
  3. Perhaps you would consider getting a few pairs of gloves and throw them in your "glovebox" I personally stopped at an MVA on I-40 one morning. A man driving a small pickup truck had been rear-ended at high speed and when I approached the vehicle he was unresponsive and gasping to breathe. All I had was a pair of gloves, but i was able to stabilize his c-spine and remove most of a McDonalds biscuit that had his airway occluded. He began to breathe easier, then normally and regained consciousness. This man did not have five minutes to wait for someone to clear his airway. With this said, if
  4. Too much risk of cross contamination with an absolute host of "cooties" To mention a few, MRSA, CDIF, Flu, Hepatitis, HIV, Parasites such as Bed Bugs, Crabs, Scabies and who knows what else. If you are too lazy to sanitize the cot and change the sheets after each call, quit, find a new job. If by chance it were one of my family members and I caught them doing this, there would likely be an unpleasant parking lot discussion resulting in law enforcement response. Just do the right thing, treat everyone the way you hope to be treated when you need assistance.
  5. Its been a long time since I have posted to EMT City and must admit being provoked to once again join the action by Dr. Bledsoe's message announcing the passing of dustdevil. While I didn't know Rob personally, I did "meet" him through EMT City. Rob and I didn't necessarily see eye-to-eye at first, and continued to see things through our individual lenses. I did learn to respect and admire Rob. We had several spirited discussions within the forums and outside their confines. Rob wielded his intellect as if he were King Arthur wielding Excalibur! Those of us who found ourselves in the way o
  6. Virtually any story that starts with an AHA moniker included is usually troubling at best. I'm sure dust has seen the same trend in dealing with the AHA over this many years, in that they are literally for sale to the highest bidder. One only has to look at the ridiculous science behind the AHA touting of vasopressin and amiodarone over the years to see this clearly! Then came the LMA and more suspect science but hey the equipment and medication manufacturers received a windfall every time AHA made big changes and ER's and EMS agencies ran out to purchase an entirely new bottle of snake oi
  7. I believe a lot of times providers make a scene worse. Of course there are armed situations and domestics where we simply must leave or delay response, but I have seen many Paramedics make a situation much worse. Several years ago i was working with another medic, this guy was a real jerk, and was arrogant. He was unkind to his partners and certainly to the patients. We responded to a call for back pain at a local hotel. Upon arrival we find a construction worker who was VERY intoxicated. This fellow was jovial and wasn’t causing any trouble, but he kept trying to light a cigarette. I was
  8. Drive only as fast as you are willing to crash! The public's "right" to safety trumps ALL patient situations! Not to mention the priceless value of emergency services staff!
  9. This is the reason I changed our probation period from 90 days to 1 year. Even an idiot can behave for the first 90 days, it's the other 275 days that usually reveal a new employee's character. Another advantage we had in NC was the fact that it's not a "right to work state" therefore provided the paper trail was created properly I could toss a ner do well employee regardless of tenure.
  10. A few years ago some medics ran into a great deal of trouble for starting IV's on each other during our state EMS convention. They got trashed the night before and really really sick and one of them had brought fluids in preparation for the festivities. Somehow an OEMS official learned of this and they were brought before the state EMS disciplinary committee for practicing medicine without a license. I don't know what the outcome was.
  11. Not really, I had simply decided to crawl into the gutter with Zippy for a bit. By the way dust, I already mentioned skilled nurses such as yourself in an earlier post. I have a very tame ego and am respectful of those deserving respect. An idiot with the misguided notion that a nursing license gives her/him superior clinical ability and especially outside the hospital is unworthy of my respect. Its highly unlikely that zippy has more education and experience than many lowly paramedics she/he seeks to degrade. I was merely trying to illustrate that not only do many paramedics have a great
  12. I could feel the Dolphin loyalty! I would likely have pulled for the "taliban" over the Patriots as only a true Dolphins fan would! By the way where is Bob Greise these days, God knows we need him and hey, he's only 63!
  13. No but these "tucks" had a really strange odor to them and for some reason my toothbrush was in a bottle of 151, oh and the Q-Tips are in a jar of homebrew and my bottle of afrin caught on fire. :twisted:
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