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  1. You got this ? And that was an emoji - not a question mark. Gotta love technology
  2. Where as it is kinda funny- due to the scenario clearly states Liquid Benadryl- Moby points out a very sad statistic: Most GP would not have done the obvious in situation like this. If cream was used they wouldn't wash it off. If the child is running a fever of 102.5- they call 911 or rush them off to the ER with out trying Tylonal or Ibuprofen first........How many of you have griped about the calls you go on with complaints of flu like symptoms? The ones where you just want to say Chicken Noodle soup REALLY DOES make you feel better....try it next time before you call 911!! Sometimes I wonder if the Common Sense of the World got tossed out like the Baby with the Bath water........ OK no more 3:30 AM rants....
  3. My one and only experience with the deceased was a rather bad car wreck where we had to have the fire department lift the engine off the patient, and after unwrapping her leg from the B post we pulled her out of the car and loaded her into the Ambulance awaiting the coroner. Being in an extremely Rural area we had to wait for a while for the Coroner to arrive from half the county over. Being in EMT school at the time my Preceptors quizzed me on how I felt about this experience, the death of the patient and such. I was fine, really the CSF leaking all over the back of the truck, the Gray matter smeared on the door from loading the patient- none of it phased me. Coroner finally showed and we assisted loading her into a body bag that had this pleasantly clean ORANGE smell. None of it affected me at all. Upon arriving back at base we Deconed the back of the ambulance and then cleaned up ourselves. The kicker was when all was said and done I was hungry- and just needed a small snack. There was a bag of candy on the table filled with various kinds of left over Halloween candies. I grabbed a "Bonkers" flavor= ORANGE Well kicker is that that candy tasted EXACTLY like the body bag had smelt and I lost it! Breakfast and Lunch both- I barely made it to the girls room in time. To this day- I have never nor will I ever eat another Orange Bonkers- and I have shied away from orange starburst as well.............
  4. Hello I haven't been around in a while but welcome to the City....
  5. Thank You Punisher. I don't think I have yet to read such a humble apology on these forums. It takes a Big person to be bold and speak out about things but it takes an even BIGGER person to apologize when needed. So again thanks. And know this. It wasn't a lack of safety awareness that caused this crash. We are learning more and more and it will be a long time before we get answers but all things are starting to point to a rare catastrophic occurence..........but in due time the inspections will be complete and the answers will be known with out any questions at that time.
  6. Spenac as long as its you-- Bash away! All others Must Purchase the Rights...... We take Pay Pal. Right Brent? BTW-- Brent - I miss You! 8)
  7. For once I must Stand and applaude you AK! I work for AEL....at National Headquarters. I have experienced the pain of loosing 2 excellents crews in the last 8 mnths. We all are sickened by it to the core. One incident has NOTHING even close to do with the other! Shame on those of you who want to speculate and spew on what should be a memorance of some VERY excellent Professional Crew members. We lost a few of the BEST that ever was and EVER will be. God Speed Sandra, Wade and Roger. You are missed! AND a HEARTFELT thank YOU to those of you who kept (tried to) this thread decent- it hasnt gone unheaded...........
  8. OK Folks its been a while but IncognitoGirl can not remain silent any longer..... First of all if you want to vent- VENT - don't throw mud. You threw mud. Second of all, Donuts? Can we say sterotype? I bet your mental image of most dispatcher is fat overweight people, and gee I wonder why? We get Donuts crammed down our throats all the time! How about a friut basket or some veggies from that road side stand you drove past? After all we are stuck for 12 hours straight in a room (some of those rooms no bigger than a closet!) with minimal chances to stretch our legs while your out in the fresh air getting more exersize than you dare would care for some days. I work in a large dispatch center and we have GPS tracking.....and know this: WE DON'T HAVE CONTROL OVER THE CALLS! We have policy and procedures to follow or we get Canned just as you would be canned if you didnt follow protocals. So lighten up. Things arent always as you might assume them to be....
  9. Johnny and June- Hedie Newfield
  10. I am joining the Ranks of those that are completely FLOORED by your Statement! USELESS!! Whether he was a soilder or FF it doesn't matter. He put himself and his life on the line for the betterment of others. THAT could Never be useless!
  11. Looking for those of you in all Southern Missouri or in Arkansas that is involved in EMS. Got some things I would like to discuss!!
  12. Kiss in the Rain White Water Raft down the Colorado... Horse Trail Ride through Montaina.... Swim in the Ocean.... NOT the Gulf of Mexico~ the Ocean. See a Nascar race at Bristol Under the lights.... Watch the Kentucky Derby. Watch Loretta Lynn and George Jones play At the Ryman before they pass.... Kiss in the Rain...... See my children get Baptised because they Truely understand the meaning of a personal relationship with Christ..... Find out what It means to be loved unconditionally, and be told by someone who MEANS IT! Visit Germany Visit Greece Kiss in the Rain.... Take a Road Trip from Louisvill Ky to Chattanooga Tn with a select group of friends.... Camp out in Land Between the Lakes for a night with that Same select Group of friends.... Fix the problem that is causing Blue Springs to fill with Gravel! Oh and Did I mention Kiss in the Rain? With that person that loves me unconditionally Of Course!!
  13. Ah now If someone in that crowd had a permit to carry and Guns weren't banned~ That Knife wielding wild man wouldn't have killed so many people, only he would have died! Now they gonna ban the Trucks? I mean after all they don't know if the victims died of wounds from the truck or from the Knife it's self...... :shock: And as for the venison, you don't need no bow or rifle, just make it look like an accident and coupled with a darn good insurance company... your car or truck works just as well. Trust me on this one!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  14. You forgot the best Part!: The competition's getting younger Tougher broncs, you know I can't recall The worn out tape of Chris LeDoux, lonely women and bad booze Seem to be the only friends I've left at all
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