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  1. Old folks Still here?

    You got this ? And that was an emoji - not a question mark. Gotta love technology
  2. Funniest story involving................

    My one and only experience with the deceased was a rather bad car wreck where we had to have the fire department lift the engine off the patient, and after unwrapping her leg from the B post we pulled her out of the car and loaded her into the Ambulance awaiting the coroner. Being in an extremely Rural area we had to wait for a while for the Coroner to arrive from half the county over. Being in EMT school at the time my Preceptors quizzed me on how I felt about this experience, the death of the patient and such. I was fine, really the CSF leaking all over the back of the truck, the Gray matter smeared on the door from loading the patient- none of it phased me. Coroner finally showed and we assisted loading her into a body bag that had this pleasantly clean ORANGE smell. None of it affected me at all. Upon arriving back at base we Deconed the back of the ambulance and then cleaned up ourselves. The kicker was when all was said and done I was hungry- and just needed a small snack. There was a bag of candy on the table filled with various kinds of left over Halloween candies. I grabbed a "Bonkers" flavor= ORANGE Well kicker is that that candy tasted EXACTLY like the body bag had smelt and I lost it! Breakfast and Lunch both- I barely made it to the girls room in time. To this day- I have never nor will I ever eat another Orange Bonkers- and I have shied away from orange starburst as well.............
  3. New to this sight...

    Hello I haven't been around in a while but welcome to the City....
  4. Your Song of the Day

    Johnny and June- Hedie Newfield
  5. Your Song of the Day

    You forgot the best Part!: The competition's getting younger Tougher broncs, you know I can't recall The worn out tape of Chris LeDoux, lonely women and bad booze Seem to be the only friends I've left at all
  6. Your Song of the Day

    Crashed~Daughtry, very fitting concidering I am at Work!
  7. Your Song of the Day

    Walking After Midnight~ Patsy Cline (however I am listening to Kelly Pickler do an awesome rendition!)
  8. Needle Decompression

    HEY HEY SCRAPPY! You always got the witty thing to say, Oh and YES the river still calls your name, see you Tuesday! 6 of us going so far........
  9. Your Song of the Day

    No One Ever Is to Blame~ Howard Jones
  10. Your Song of the Day

  11. If you are bored and understimulated........

    There is something to be siad about those of us with nothing better to do at 2355 but to watch that link......
  12. Your Song of the Day

    Changes, 3 Doors Down
  13. Your Song of the Day

    Pedestal ~ Fergie Who are YOU And What do you do To think your above me But have you Walked in my Shoes
  14. Your Song of the Day

    Islands In the Stream......Kenny and Dolly
  15. Your Song of the Day