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  1. Dupe. This is the tenth post from the top in this subforum! http://www.emtcity.com/index.php/topic/17245-911-non-emergencies-a-growing-problem-nationwide/
  2. I can't believe this. Name some P/B flight services
  3. This does not seem like a fair comparison.
  4. I'm happy to stop and offer some first aid if there is a situation that looks needful and nobody is on scene, but only if it is safe for me. I drove past a wreck the other day that I might have stopped for because I saw no safe way to stop (icy interstate with traffic, car in snowy median on a curve with no inside shoulder = way to dangerous to think about it).
  5. http://www.denverpost.com/commented/ci_14084125?source=commented-
  6. Wherever you got your tech cert may be affiliated with a shcool, allowing you to transfer your paramedic time so that you just need A&P I&II, Bio, and geneds like english, speech, etc. YOu ought to be able to do everything online except for your Bio and A&P labs (or speech if thats required)
  7. Congratulations on your A. Good work!
  8. Unless he has changed his opinion recently...
  9. I know nothing of their EMS system, just that if I was going to travel to Mexico (and I have several times), Mexico City would be very low on the list of places to visit.
  10. "We want to make some money, but ONLY doing the exciting trauma junkie calls. That will keep our people properly experienced." Good plan...
  11. If you want to give the best case tech school scenario, then let me give the best case AAS scenario which is WAY BETTER: Working AAS Paramedic Plan! It is easy to do! 1. Get EMT-B (possibly take Bio I at the same time) 2. Get full time EMT job and work it for 1 year to get the required 1 year experience to go to P school. While working full time, go to school part time taking Bio I, A&P I, A&P II, IV, and EKG (that's 17 credits total over 3 semesters, not hard!) all while receiving financial assistance. If you are motivated, you could do all your general ed requirements too, elimi
  12. You have no soul and no professionalism. You don't care about medicine. Why are you here?
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