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  1. It's all good DFIB. That is my opinion. I'm not comfortable around guns. I don't like them. I just have a vision of the OK Corral as everyone pulls out their pistol and hits more innocents than perpetrators.
  2. While I am a Canadian working towards my US citizenship, I have lived in the USA for 6 going on 7 years. I must admit it was a shock to me to know that many, many people carry a weapon on their person. Coming from a Country where there is strict gun controls I found it somewhat discomforting at the ease in which people can acquire a firearm. I will not pretend to say I know all there is to know about why people snap. My feeling is, especially around the holidays, people with a mental illness and left to their own devices feel lost and increasingly depressed causing things to spin out of
  3. 1 C, The cops lights are flashing blue. Regardless, traveling in excess of 100mph is just stupid and I hope his suit is shown to be frivolous. Cowboy is just trying to save face and was mostly likely egged on by his fellow vollies to file. In the video, the copper states they had a report of a black Charger impersonating a LEO, Probably the reason he was stopped. Since he didn't feel the need to pull over for the police, it only added to the officers suspicion. Contrary to popular belief, in most States, a POV is not an emergency vehicle. He should have pulled to the right and stopped
  4. They tried that texting thingy here. Some people like it and some don't. I fall into the latter. I do not need messages from dispatch coming to my phone when I'm not working. We have recently gone to a 700 MHz communication system and I have not had any trouble reaching dispatch, medical control or other units. As Articcat stated, the ambulance has a cellphone if we need it, but I can't remember ever using it. I am allowed to carry my own phone and do, but use it very rarely. Other than the fact it appears to be against the law in Winterpeg, I can't see a reason for an all out ban, how
  5. I'll forward you my resume when I get home tomorrow.
  6. I usually open with "Don't any of those cars in the driveway run?" In the South, it seems to be appropriate to call everybody "Mr". or "Miss" and then the pt.'s first name. IE "Mr. Jim". I have yet to have anyone object to it although not being from the South originally, I don;t like it much. I prefer Sir or Ma'am.
  7. Another gem from Forrest Gump comes to mind. "Stupid is as stupid does". What, exactly did this Darwin candidate expect to happen? (I know one was perish to become a Darwin award winner, but I feel it's just a matter of time)
  8. JakeEMTP


    Sorry rock_shoes. We just started using the Zoll X Series. I can't help you with the Propaq.
  9. Correct Capt. A stale green (one that's been green for awhile) light has the possibility to turn amber and then red as you get closer.. As professional drivers, we should be aware of this. A good rule of thumb is to anticipate the light is going to change, lift your foot of the fuel peddle and hover over the brake. As the good Capt. stated, an ambulance is much heavier and takes longer to stop than a car.
  10. Non-life threatening injuries (which should have and indeed may have been relayed to the responding ambulance so they could change response to routine) and yet we're still driving fast enough to loose control, overcorrect, park on unstable ground and topple an ambulance. Sorry Miss, you're excused.
  11. I had no idea Mike. How naive of me. I have never seen or even heard of it around here. Sounds like a "good 'ol boys" club to me. What happens if they have another call and they've been drinking, and they happen to get in a wreck? I know, I know. We could "what if" it to death, yet the reality still exists. I would hate to think the "just put Floyd in the car and get him out of here" scenario would take place, but I'm sure it would.
  12. http://www.emsworld.com/news/10768669/plan-to-limit-alcohol-angers-new-jersey-responders I can only assume that this a Volly Dept. Surely no professional organisation would condone the consumption of alcohol at the station after a call.
  13. Bernhard, I have on occasion met the off going crew at a scene. They simply provided me with the information they had and my crew took over pt. care. Not much different than turning over pt. care at the hospital really. I know they were grateful and we were on the clock anyway. In return, they have done the same for us. But, in this case, they drove right by the pt.'s residence to go to the other station. That is unacceptable. If you are dispatched to the call, you go. Simple as that. Sometimes you have to work overtime. It's the nature of the beast.
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