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Age Limit For Medics

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I wasn't talking about you usage of the cliche Roguemedic, rather the cliche itself. I agree, there should be a minimum age for entry to medic school since it should be college based, and all pre-requisites completed then by a quick calculation, they should be 21. There will always be a room for the exceptional student, one who completes the pre-requisite courses early, but they would be the exception rather than the rule.

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LOL. No argument there. Please understand that my opinion at that point was based on merely parameters and had not taken intio consideration those that that may be deemed "Exceptional" or other circumstances outside the so called "norm".

I would not be worthy of the moniker "Rogue" if I allowed myself to sink to blind conformity.

I am not totally infavor of age limits, but I do understand why they are in place, I do wish there were more flexible people ot there.

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I also think there needs to be a reasonable period of time between B and P to allow for time on the street. Some services and schools will take a newly licensed Basic with minimal experience into a medic class. This does the student a huge disservice. They struggle with understanding concepts that were explained to them in class, but that they have never had to deal with themselves.

That whole theory has been thoroughly shot to hell here so many times that it is a running joke.

I'll buy into that silliness the day that every other medical profession starts requiring "a reasonable time" of working at a lower level of education and responsibility before attending their school. Funny, I don't recall nursing school requiring me to be an LVN for two years before applying. And I can assure you that med school doesn't care if you spend two years as a nurse before applying In fact, most times they will hold it against you. Did your EMT school require two years as a First Responder before applying? Did your First Responder school require two years of Advanced First Aid certification before applying? Don't be ridiculous.

If your paramedic school is turning out functional illiterates, that is the fault of your school. Don't blame it on the students lack of experience. It is your job to give them that experience. If you aren't doing so, your school sucks.

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I think 18 would be a reasonable age for a basic (basically an adult), and a minimum of 20 or 21 for a medic. This would be to allow for a good 2-3 years street experience at least a year of which would have to be documented to be considered for medic class. Many states are starting to adopt the experience factor in there, so naturally the age comes with it. Some states (such as tennessee) have psych as part of their selection process. Various schools are doing this as well. More employers are getting the idea too. That can have it's up and downs as well. Needs to be carefully evaluated and parameters set as to the criteria. Like dust said, I think there are some great young medics, that with age will be incredible. Also, I think there are some old timers that are worthless because they 1. either refuse to change how they did it in the old days, or 2. don't choose to be professionals. I don't believe that a standard age should be set, but rather experience as a guide. I think going straight out of basic class into medic (as I have seen many do literally waiting for their basic card to start medic class) should not be allowed under any circumstances, but I've already ranted on that enough. Best idea, go on a case by case basis using 18 as the starting point and go from there.

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I think going straight out of basic class into medic (as I have seen many do literally waiting for their basic card to start medic class) should not be allowed under any circumstances...

I wholeheartedly encourage it. In fact, when I am making admissions choices, those students will receive preference. I like people who are serious about the profession from day one, focus on a career plan and pursue it. I am less than impressed with those who dicked around as an ambulance driver for three to five years until they finally decided they wanted to make a little more money. I don't want to be the one to have to break them of their bad habits either.

And I'll make a freaking killing off of taking all those young students that the other schools reject too! :lol:

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I glad ppl think OLDER ppl that are getting into the field is a good idea. I myself am new to EMS as some off you know. this is my second ( no wait, third ) career. I have been an EMT for 6 mths and am now in Medic school. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the first class and saw quite a few 30 somethings in the class. I'm still older than them, but compared to the Basic class it is refreshing to see older ppl wanting to join or further their EMS education.

I can only speak for myself, but I am capable of the lifting and late hours required. I'm nocturnal by nature, I very much prefer the night shift. Going to the gym 3 times a week and playing golf twice a week ( yes, I walk ) help keep me in decent shape.

Don't worry about this old guy, I wont' let you down! :lol:

I have to admit you inspire me I was begining to think in my late 30s I was to old to become a paramedic Thank you!

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