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  1. No I told them everything and the truth I was told I was ok i just don't want them to tell me now that no you do not qualify!
  2. So they have not done the background?
  3. I have and they could not answer my questions. Aparently this is a new way of hiring for A.M.R. and I guess I am their guennie pig!
  4. I applied for A.M.R. In Nothern California. Livermore no longer has an H.R. department it has been assigned to the counties they provide service in. I first made sure my paperwork was full proof everything was copied clean and all certifications were up to date. Took the written test at Livermore the last one they give I hear they do it at the county now. After my test they called me in for an interview. About three weeks later I got an offer of employment from Alameda County and schdeuled a Physical agility test. I have not done a skills test yet. My orentation starts February 20th! Hope thi
  5. I got Hired by A.M.R. Alameda California. Well I got an offer of employment. Does this mean they have already done the background check? Or is this just the results from the interview and written test?
  6. Well I am trying to help Just passed the written test for A.M.R. I am an E.M.T. Now took basic Arrhythmia taking anatomy next semester. Come to california or Vegas. I hear they are training E.M.T's for free and guarentee employment.
  7. I went to a seminar a couple of years ago where the optic lense was deviated 2-5 mm left or right up or down was a symptom for Marfan syndrom and Aortic Dissertion? Any cardiac History? www.marfan.org
  8. I have an appointment for the written test in Livermore On Tueasday 11-28 What should I expect?
  9. I carry a Dyna Med Bls Kit with a Sam Splint and a C Collar that is about it.
  10. Does anyone know in the State of iowa if they are hiring anywhere? Where are the paramedic schools? Thanks Lou!
  11. It is my experience that more than two points they won't touch you.
  12. State of California no lomger has an E.M.T. Intermediate it is on the Emsa Web site but there are no longer intermediates just basics and Paramedics.
  13. Vague is not the word more like chicken S#*&! I just took my written national registry. So we will see! Does any one know how often we need to take the national registry to keep that current i can't find that answer on their web site?
  14. Might be a good challenge I take the national registry next week i do not anticipate a problem with passing it.
  15. I have to admit you inspire me I was begining to think in my late 30s I was to old to become a paramedic Thank you!
  16. I will put a question out to all of you and please be harsh in your input. I am or will be 36 next Friday and I am currently going through E.M.T. B Certification. Am I to old for this profession I have fell in love with? Am I waisting my time? Thanks Lou!
  17. Does anyone know what shifts their medics work? And do they accept out of state certifications? Thanks Lou!
  18. Actually this is what I was taught P. Progression A.Associated Chest Pain S.Speutum production T.Tolerence M.Medications E.Excercise D.Diagnosis S.Sounds
  19. Has anyone ever heard the Acronym P.A.S.T.M.E.D.S.? And if so have you ever used it? Is is better or worse than O.P.Q.R.S.T.?
  20. What is the maxium weight these sprinters can carry?
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