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I think I have been doing this medicine thing too long


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Thats a really old photo Doc: at least 15 years since that circulated the first time.

They put the collar on while waiting for the hosers to get the chain saw out to cut the pole off

The hottie now has grey hair , grandkids and 38longs if ya get my drift

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Is this from Trauma, LIfe in the ER or one of those other shows? I can see the scene. EMS is standing around waiting for the FFs to cut him down. "Well, we've got 2 IVs, got the monitor on and have taken his vitals 8 times. I feel kind of stupid just standing around while everyone else is doing something. I know, let's put a collar on and hold c-spine." lol

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Was I the only person wondering if this happened in the morning?

Surprised I haven't seen the nurse make the rounds in those "incredibly photogenic" memes.

Finally after all that my brain switched to... how?

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