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Remounting ambulance boxes

Do you remount your ambulance boxes?  

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  1. 1.

    • i lost count at 3
    • our boxes are rock solid for 3 remounts
    • No
    • yes but only once
    • yup, but 2 is the limit
    • No, we have one time use boxes

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does anyone here work for a service that remounts their ambulance boxes? (if you are running with type 2, 3 or HD's)

is it a 250,000 miles (402,336 kilometers for you metric folks) and you are outta there or do you put 1,000,000+ miles on a box. i also would liek some feedback on good/ bad experiences.

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one sericie i am at goign to a million miles on a box (adn braun guarantees them for that also) and then we sell it to on eof our 1st resp agencies, the other service buy wheeled coach and lets them go until the implode or 250,000 miles, usually the implosion happens first. love my brauns, but road wrecks are a good alterantive

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Hi Gang.

Our service adopted a couple of remounts during a realignment in 2000. We have one left that has about 150,000 kilometers on the cab-and-chassis but the box is on its third cycle. (Sorry to our U.S. friends I think that's about 95,000 miles). This vehicle -- "The Pride of the Fleet" -- is currently sitting in one of the stations and is only pressed into service when there are no other spares available. Needless to say it will be around for awhile!!! Last year there was much excitement around work as this unit was going for a "retrofit" on the box. We all thought the third cycle box was coming off to be refitted with an entirely new box...WRONG!!!!! A bit of new floor covering, a bit of new vinyl and its back in the garage. Apparently this effort cost about (Canadian)$40,000!!!!!


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This is our Newest remount, this box is on remount #2 i believe it cost about USD$45000. the pictures make it look deceptively narrow it is a braun box on a 2005 f350 chassis i believe. done at North Central Ambulance in lester Prairie MN









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The concept is good, that of saving money by replacing only the box when it wears out, by placing it on the existing chassis, or replacing the chassis after an accident with a perfectly good box, instead of purchasing a totally new setup.

By the way, the only ones of the 3 types available in the "modular" types are the "Ones"( look like a pickup with a box), and the "Threes" (Cutaway van style). "Twos" are not, at least by my experience, designed for modular usage.

Now, if only the FDNY would get with the program, and stop sending the entire type one trucks to the auto graveyard, or for resale to out of state EMS systems?

PS: Due to unavoidable abuse, I'd never recommend anybody buying a used FDNY EMS ambulance for their EMS system, the trucks are worn out! Better they be used as some sort of construction vehicles, what with the built in cabinets and all?

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my mistake

and on another note, with the whole out of state thing for FDNY, i know for example when our boxes are on remount # and a total of 1000000 miles on the chassis, we have a waiting list for our area first responder agencies to get our trucks, do your resppective services usually seel them to a first responder entity, of let anyone have their hands on them (ie construction)?

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My comment was based on witnessing the use, and abuse, that are put on FDNY EMS Ambulance vehicles. Kind of on the same line of not buying a Police "Cruiser" from any city, due to stop and go driving. Instead, go for open miles, like some middle of the country Highway car.

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