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  1. Here is some clarification on some of the questions you have been having. Many of the NH calls are handled by HealthEast, btu things that come in as Code 2-Emergent or Code 3-Emergency are handled by the Fire Department as they are ProQA'd to be 911 Calls. The SPFD provides Primary ALS coverage for St. Paul and they also have 2 BLS trucks (From how i understand Things) The 5 People thing confused me. In Minnesota, everyone know that when you say that you see a "clown car" comign in, it is a SPFD EMS vehicle because they are dual role and everyone goes on every call so you see 4 people work they way out of a truck on every call. Another confusing thing, and maybe thsi is just rumor, but i understand that The Medic just performs the interventions and the Capt. on the truck writes the report, and from friends of mine who work at Regions (a Level I Trauma Center in St. paul) their documentation is piss poor. medicman51 - feel safe, HCMC and North memorial do a wonderful job of Providing ALS to Minneapolis, sure you have a couple "Crispy " medics, but Hennepin County/ West Metro EMS run a tight ship. In order to remain providing ALS service in Hennepin county, you have to show that you make it to 90% of your runs in 8 minutes from time of dispatch receipt of call. Minnesota has had a tough run with Fire Department Based ALS. Last Time I checked, there were only 8 departments that were the Primary ALS providers. msot are good, but St. Paul has a reputation. They ahve Great Equipment (Up to Date, Road Rescues, Ultrasound Machines, EZIO) Great Protocols (Pericardial Centesis, Liberal Guidelines)and some definite potential in the service area, but alot of their potential si Squandered away.
  2. if they were dropping dairy queen off at the station that would be one thing because melted dairy Queen is a Tragedy. j/k The union guy makes me glad t be a member of the IAFF. another reason for me to hate the IAFF
  3. http://kstp.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=168117 this is the "apology" fromt he department. Good this that paramedic is really being such a good advocate for his patient. helps to reinforce the previous videos points.
  4. I am not sure if they still return to the station code 3 anymore, but my old patner who worked for a CCT Service In St. Paul for 18 years could tell me horror strories about them. Come to think of it, i just remembered that they actually contract out their Mental health Calls to HealthEast EMS along with alot of their scheuled NH Trips, even Code 2/Priority 2 (Emergent, without L/S) NH are contracted out.
  5. My Manager sent this Video link out to all 300 paramedics at my service with the statement that this may not be the kind of press that we really want. http://kstp.dayport.com/viewer/viewerpage.php?Art_ID=168068/ The funny thing about this is, this really dosent suprise me in regards to the St. Paul Fire Department. Not to wish bad things upon them , btu i hope this helps produce alot fo change. Maybe Mental health patients will no longer typically be transported Emergently as they have been known to do in the past. Of maybe they will find out that it is not neccesary to return to the station Code 3. Really makes us look like a bunch of Ambulance Drivers more than we already are. As much as the News media fails to understand what we do often times, It was well done and very feasible and may be of some worth to pass it around. DOJ NREMT-P FFII ERT
  6. i know this is an old post, but i fianlly read it and started to laugh. one of my coworkers flipped his ATV abotu a year ago and when his buddies fianlly found him, despite the enormous amoutn fo pain he was in, he refused to let his buddies call an ambulance becasue he didnt wasnt to be taken to the hospital by his coworkers because he would never hear the end of it. so they took him to the ER adn did the hoemboy drop at teh ER doors, which the doctor complained about. after examining him, the doc ordered one of our crew to transfer him down to the trauma center, so now he dosent hear the end of it. maybe yall dont find that as funny as i do.
  7. Minnesota takes the Naitonal registries certs so we have FR, EMT-B, EMT-I85, EMT-I99 and EMT-P
  8. In Minnesota we are going to a statewide 800MhZ P25 Digitally Trunked Radio system and one of the thigns that they are putting on the radios is somethign called a SOA or Scene of Action channel which is a 800Mhx Analog channel which is simply Portable to Portable, non-repeatered channels which are meant to be used in the situation that you get seperated form your partner. another thing that we are putting in with this new system is each agency is getting about 2-10 event/Tac/Ops channels which you can have dispatch assign you if you think you may encounter this situation.
  9. I rank Wheeled coach on the same shelf i put zoll monitors, that shelf of stuff that you should have thrown out long ago, but haven't gotten around to it. maybe they are capable of making a good unit, but we just took delivery of a new CitiMedic a month ago and we are already having serviced for electrical problems, the lights on the rear are already jacked up (not flashing like they are programmed), and they ae already showing wear and stress cracking. Brauns are in my opinion, are the best box that you can get. at my Part Time job, we remount 3 times, taking our boxes to 1,000,000 miles, and at 1,000,000 miles they behave better than a wheeled coach at 70,000 miles. if you have a good Dealer/Service center, they will last for longer than just about any EMS employee. Long Story short, brauns are mroe expensive, but they will be a solid performer for a long time with less problems than the cheap disposable wheeled coaches.
  10. Hennepin County medical Center which provides EMS fro 90% of Minneapolis and about 13 other 'burbs (40,000 calls/year) wears a uniform that consists of a ligth brown shirt, drak brown pants and they wear a badge. the unifrom looks real sharp, but a bit too close to LEC for me. if you follwo the link at the bottom, then click on "launch the project" and the click on paramedic, you can see what it all looks liek, and it is kinda cool and interactive, plus it is the wife of my medic instuctor, so thats kinda neat. http://www.startribune.com/heroes/
  11. Hennepin county, MN which encompasses about 9 different EMS's, 2 level I trauma centers and about 750,000 citizens has a consortium for standardization of protocols adn equipment, and about two years ago they took KEDS and short boards out of all trucks operating in hennepin county, and took out the protocol for them. they did this on the premise that manula stabilization of the spine is the best stabilization, and that by jockeying the pt into a KED/SBB and then onto a LBB, you run a higher risk of jacking up the pt's spine then if you just went strainght for a LBB with good manula stabilization. I work for one of the services that use these protocols and one that still carries KEDx2 on each truck, and although i feel that the KED/SBB have their place, you can do a comparable job of immobilization with just a LBB and a provider who knows what they are doing when it comes to their BLS skills. We have been using the protocol without any incidents of spine becoming more compirmised, so i guess they will stay with it. now if they owulodl only get rid of those philly collars.
  12. im not sure if there are multiple councils in nebraska, but the council that serves kearney is the overland trails council http://www.doubleknot.com/openrosters/view....asp?orgkey=836 you can double check what council serves you at www.scouting.org contact the council service center and they can get you on the wat to your own explorer post or get you hooked up with another post so you can combine your efforts. FYI - you will need at least 2 21 y/o people to be leaders (doubt it will be a problem), and you will also need a charter organization, btu typically in the venturing progmam you are chartered with your rescue squad or police department, other wise the rotary or lions club or a church work well.
  13. my mistake and on another note, with the whole out of state thing for FDNY, i know for example when our boxes are on remount # and a total of 1000000 miles on the chassis, we have a waiting list for our area first responder agencies to get our trucks, do your resppective services usually seel them to a first responder entity, of let anyone have their hands on them (ie construction)?
  14. This is our Newest remount, this box is on remount #2 i believe it cost about USD$45000. the pictures make it look deceptively narrow it is a braun box on a 2005 f350 chassis i believe. done at North Central Ambulance in lester Prairie MN
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