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  1. Hey Mike how is the baby doing? You dont have to be a stranger.

  2. so here are a couple of pics Rachel and Daddy Rachel napping
  3. Thank you all for the good wishes mom and baby are doing fine and I will try to post pictures later tonight. Cheers canadianmedic Mrs. canadianmedic and Rachel AKA baby canadianmedic
  4. Just so you know lone I don't like you very much stop finding these games oh ya and i'm up to level 22 in just over an hour and a half.
  5. 5:45 for me I waste way too much time on these kinds of games.
  6. one of the companies here is making ambulances with an optional high visibility decal package. Haven't seen too many on the road with the complete package yet. Here are a couple of shots of it day and night.
  7. we remount some of our units but saying that when they remount them they redo the whole back of the box and bring it up to par with new flooring lights and seats this is one of our remounts
  8. for down time i go hide in my workshop and build anamatronics and different props for halloween to scare the crap out of children one night a year. :twisted:
  9. We have standing orders for most of our treatments and pharmacological interventions. However I have called for medical direction with certain cases more for CYA reasons, and to get a second opinion two heads are sometimes better than one.
  10. full time paramedic and volunteer firefighter in rural Alberta.
  11. i work in a rural setting our local hospital closes the ER at 2000 hrs so after that our next closest hospital is 20 - 25 minutes away which seems like forever with critical patients
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