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I have backed into the building once but that was so not my fault MEN cant direct well....... :twisted: :twisted:

But I do have to ask where are you? You are 18 and driving here where I live you have to be 21 even with evoc to drive a Ambulance or Fire Truck.

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I was not driving that day, but my "Caddy-lance" hit a seagull in midflight, with the beacon-light. Had a devil of a time explaining that to my employer.

...And I am asking how that poster hit a couch with the side mirror!


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When I was an EMT I drove off from a gas station with the gas nozzle still in the tank. I ended up paying damages to the gas station out of my own pocket ($100) because I was new at the company and didn't want to report it to my boss.

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I had about a months span where every shift Ive had at least one bird strike to the windshield or grill... and one strike the lightbar and its carcass get stuck between the bar and roof. It only happened when I drove so I got a candid reputation of being a bird killer... (insert other animal cruelty names here).

As far as doing stupid things... KIDS AND NEWBIES ALIKE PLEASE DONT TRY THIS AT HOME. I sped up a hill (Code 3) once and because of "lack of street lights" that night failed to see a change in grade of the hill as well as a pothole. Needless to say the ambulance bottomed out, the stair chair, CPR board and short boards were relocated along with miscolaneous loose equipment, the foot end of the stretcher locked upwards in the shock position and my partner/supervisor bumped his head on the celing. Fortunatley we wernt transporting and he wasnt hurt. He let it go with a slap on the wrist because there really was no way to tell the change in road in the darkness. However when another "sup" read the report (I had to mention I was speeding) I was written up (rightfully so) for no regards to due safety. All I can say is when in doubt slow down (or get out and look if backing up with no backup person).

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Hey everyone,

So the question I pose: Have you ever hit a sign?

I'll be honest I have. I'm a new driver, I'm a "baby EMT" by my own admittance ... yeah I'm learning! So I clipped a sign and now I'm catching a whole bunch of sh*t ... you know ... normal EMS manner ... so I did what every smart @$$ does .... I asked my fellow crew members if THEY'VE ever hit a sign. Of course they all said that they've never hit a sign ... :roll: .. so ... clip any curbs and get a sign to boot?

I did. And to be honest, I backed into a huge roll-off dumpster; I didn't hurt anyone and they were minimal scratches ... if any ... on the truck ... so if people want to get all uppidy about stupid bs like that .. I should just take the new truck instead of the oldest truck next week :( ...

Am I alone in the world of EMS driving? I don't really think I am but I figured I'd ask ... ever hit a sign?

*edited for vague terminology* In terms of "hitting" a sign, I mean clipping it with the end of the truck. I was backing down a road and hit a sign that was on a telephone pole. Well, I backed down the road without hitting the sign, when I left I didn't take the turn wide enough and scraped the back end of the truck on the sign; I forgot it was there but I was mos definitely not the first person to hit it ... but that doesn't really matter. So ... have you ever clipped a sign?

so from your post am I incorrect that you've hit three items, two signs and one dumpster?

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the question that I have is when you clipped the dumpster did you have a backer? That would have prevented that accident.

And the other question I have is where are you working that allows someone 18 years old to drive? I"m just curious

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