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  1. I passed!!!!!!!!!!! It was an easy test. I can't believe I was so worried about it. Thank you all for your support and advice. It helped!!!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm taking my NR paramedic test this week and it scares the h*ll out of me! Does anyone have any advice or suggestions for NR test jitters? Has anyone passed it first try?
  3. Our service, and most of the services in PA are not allowed to do RSI.
  4. Nasal intubation .. yes no maybe? I'm currently precepting and I've nasally intubated twice. Both pt's were unresponsive but had a gag reflex, both were in trismus, both had secretions in the posterior pharynx, both were breathing irregularly and poor O2 stats, for me it worked both times. If it hadn't I was going to resort to a nasal airway and bag the pt. I've found that medics either believe in nasal intubation or they don't and I wanted to get a general feeling as to why. So anyone with experience(s) with nasal intubation care to share? And any tips or ideas that you've found make it m
  5. I'm having trouble building my confidence in the field. I'm precepting as a medic student and I've been running a ton of calls. I've been spending a ton of time on the trucks ... however I have no real confidence in some of the decisions I'm making. I can handle BLS calls with no problem, I'm okay with chest pain calls and trauma calls and arrests ... rather ... I know what to do and I usually do it on most calls .. however I second guess myself as to if I'm doing the right thing in the right order at the right time. Does anyone have any suggestions that would help me build my confidence? I wa
  6. He's a partner and not a preceptor ... and I would never do the lasix ... though .. the idea is nice ... its one of those "venting" type thoughts
  7. I keep running into this ... age problem. The medic I ran with today did nothing but put me down, discourage me, yell at me, repeat over and over and over and over and over ... and did I mention that he repeated it over and over and OVER again that, "[i'm] to young to be in this business, [i'm] wasting my time, and people are going to die because they are letting [me] become a paramedic" and then he would top it with the nice cherry of, "you have NO experience and I don't believe you should even be allowed to be in medic class" ... his theory ... "Everyone should have ten years of experience b
  8. I agree with everyone else: A-Fib ... what's the pt's PMH? and meds? Sometimes those two help with "ambiguous" strips.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm an EMT who is paramedic school. I am a few days away from finishing my first semester in a two semester medic program, and I've been wondering as to how to prevent "super-medic-itis". I feel almost silly posting, but figured that it couldn't hurt. I'm really worried about becoming on of those "super medics," you know, the ones that everyone hates. I've seen the "super-medics" who think they are higher and better than god, those of whom have no issues being pure ... buttheads. I don't like them and I know my fellow partners and EMS personnel dislike them also.
  10. I've had a few abuse cases; husband beats the crap out of his wife; girlfriend attacks boyfriend with stiletto heels; father hits his kid with a baseball bat. No matter what, they suck and I hate them. They are my LEAST favorite type of call and I'm finding them harder and harder to deal with. I can handle the medical patients we get; everyone has to get old sometime. I can handle the "stupid" things people do like, stick their "manhood" into one of those one liter aquafina water bottles, or the drive their car into a telephone pole because they were texting. But the domestic and sexual vi
  11. Hey everyone, What are some of the superstitions in EMS that you have? For me its saying "We've had an easy/slow day." Taking off my boots and every time my medic goes to bed it seems that we get a call. One of the medics I work with swears if he eats spaghetti-o's we'll get slammed for the rest of the day. Haven't tested that one out, but he swears by it. So what are your EMS superstitions?
  12. I have taken EVOC ... pretty much its just going over rules and regs then you take a test and then you do an obstacle course. I passed both with 100% ... but after that it is up to you employer to do the rest of driver training. I wouldn't say my company is "strict" about clipping signs and the what not, for the most part they are pretty understanding. I think the issue really comes down to the fact that I clipped the sign and then later that night had a really really really really REALLY bad call and forgot to tell one of my bosses that I did indeed clip a sign. No biggie in the spectrum
  13. Hey everyone, So the question I pose: Have you ever hit a sign? I'll be honest I have. I'm a new driver, I'm a "baby EMT" by my own admittance ... yeah I'm learning! So I clipped a sign and now I'm catching a whole bunch of sh*t ... you know ... normal EMS manner ... so I did what every smart @$$ does .... I asked my fellow crew members if THEY'VE ever hit a sign. Of course they all said that they've never hit a sign ... :roll: .. so ... clip any curbs and get a sign to boot? I did. And to be honest, I backed into a huge roll-off dumpster; I didn't hurt anyone and they were minim
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