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  1. Does any one have a mailadres of the service or the presbytarian ambulance service?
  2. Hotels are already booked, both Best Western, NY one in Queens and the other in the center of DC. Just cant get that ride a long organised..isn't there any one who can help me out?
  3. Never saw one, i trust on my good old hands and the Lucas or Autopulse
  4. OK, seen we almost never have actual tornado's in Europe it is propably a wrong term used... estimates and date measured put the wind speeds around 140 mph
  5. Starting with two 60hr sfifts and ending the week with a 14 hour command shift at a music festival....busy week they call that

  6. German steel may be great but they still get assembled in China I now have the standard shears but just a bit larger, the rivet a bit stronger and around 7 usd a piece. The large shears are good for wall mounting in the ambulance but are hardly used with us, maybe 5/6 times a year, usually in the same week: when the good weater starts and bikers start crashing
  7. As far as I can see the theme is that God does not like country and rock music? When the opera collapses next week we can be sure he hates music
  8. Here in Belgium a storm caused 2 tents and several trees to collapse on the 60.000 men audience at Pukkelpop last thursday, killing 5 and leaving 3 on life support, 11 on IC care and 140 hospitalized for fractures, lacerations etc. The storm just snapped 10 inch trees and trew them in the audience... I was on duty that day but a lot of my colleagues were working on the festival while others were attending, they acted great and with the help of many policemen, firemen, medics and docters from the audience there was a large medical post in a nearby spots hall, all help was fast and ran super except for the shortage on medication at one point in time...fireman/emt from my department called it "war medicine" This was a short burst of thunder storm up to tornado speeds which is as good never seen here in Europe... A big thumbs up for all of my colleagues and other responders... The sound you hear is the wind, this happened around 18.00, sunset is around 19.30 these days but it was pitch black...
  9. We had a news crew riding along for a night covering an article on violence towards EMS personel...of course nobody even sweared with the camera in their face so one night became 4 dull nights, then they started editing everything which resulted in the footage of a man raising his voice towards his family while treating his injured kid, a swearing drunk and a crying girl with a hypoglycaemia looking like we were working in Baghdad on a bad day....Only positive point was the reporter who was pretty hot
  10. I was wondering if there was a possibility to have a ride a long with Washington EMS while being on holiday there from september 12 till 15th. Profile: EMT (instructor) and volunteer fire fighter together with my wife: 911 dispatcher and volunteer EMT. Any help on this?
  11. I was already pretty much in the understanding that I would not get into a few blocks of the memorial ceremony, with the world fire and police games ending a few days before 9/11 there will be a load of fire/police/ems personnel from al over the world in NYC. The Antwerp fire department has a few participants and the police department send out its basketball team (lock your daughters) I get more satisfaction of walking by on my own and think it over then with a high level veremony where most of the attendents never saw a fire or threated a wounded in their life...
  12. Busy, busy.... gonna go after it today or tomorrow...anyone has a contact mail adres or phone nr for a Washington ride a long?
  13. Thanks for the info, I thought FDNY did not do any ride alongs any more, but when this is possible that would be great... Is there maybe an email adres for this service, seen the time difference this would be much easier then calling.
  14. Hey everybody, Just booked my tickets for my holiday in september, leaving september 5 from Brussels to NYC and returning september 15th from Washington DC to Amsterdam... Who are we? I am an EMT in the Belgian 911 system and a volunteer fire fighter, my wife works for the Antwerp Fire department as a 911 dispatcher and is a volunteer EMT. Except for the traditional tourist stuff we had some questions maybe you guys can help us with. - Any recomondations on affordable hotels in both NYC and DC? - What is the best way to travel from NYC to DC without seeing only an airport? (Greyhound, Amtrak?) - Any tips for visiting both in NYC and DC? - We choose the date for being there during the 10th aniversary of 9/11, however we can not really find any thing we were wondering if there were any public memorial services we could attend? - Any chance to visit anything emergency services related? All tips and info are appreciated... Regards, Tim and Kristin..
  15. I already asked that question a while ago... :oops: But how hard i yelled back then "never again", I just cant help myself.... Sounds nice... I guess that you make more money back in NYC then we in Belgium do But hey, you only propose twice in your life Me and skating would only give you guys an extra ride, and it would propably not be my knees i will be on but my face :shock: Thanks for the tips
  16. In October/November of this year, my girlfriend (911 dispatcher and volunteer EMT) and I (Corrections officer and volunteer EMT and firefighter) are going to visit New York for a week, we were hoping it would be possible to visit a FDNY station. I was hoping someone here could tell me how to arrange this. Above al of this I was planning to ask her to marry me on this trip, so any good advice on an original way of doing this is very welcome. Some snooping around learned me that we even cod get married in the state of New York and have this legalized in Belgium afterwards, which could also be an option. So any advice on this is greatly appreciated.
  17. Over here in Belgium and certainely the area I ride in we let them walk if they are capable of, tha means: if you boozed and doped yourself up we are not going to take the effort to carry you unless you are tubed (black catheter and tube size 10 usually) Chest pains are never ever gonna walk to the car with me, stretcher, chair of otherwise fire dep through the window, back injurieswise se do hardly ever use backboards and headblocks except for major trauma or a clear case of spinal injury. However with me every fall from a height, every impact on the head etc. gest c-collared and stretchered.
  18. Thes pedi pads are usually for infants from 1-4 yo (as far as the Leardal's over here) but we do not carry them annymore, we are instructed to use adult pads, the shoulder pad on the front, the side pad on the back and use your AED as with an adult
  19. Over her in Belgium we wear generaly the same blue/greenish with yellow and reflective striping combo, including the fire bunnies riding on their Ambulances, some private services, like mine who work in the 911 system are only entitled to put small logo's on their clothing... Some pics to give you an idea on www.ambuce.be Durign summer nights we have yellow polo's withe reflective striping, feels a bit better then a navy outfit when standing on the freeway
  20. Had the same thing with my practical exam, thiught for a whole weekend i flunked it... Came out with 93%
  21. In dutch they sound like TVP (te veel pillen) to many pills and TVA (te veel alcohol) to much alcohol
  22. 911 call for a fight on the street, arrived there in a mass fight between two foreign families. Suddenly a guy comes running to us yelling " I am bleeding, the stabbed me in the head" So we look and find a small screwdriver planted in the back of his head, the guy goes " the asshole who did is went now to his car to get his gun, he wants me really bad for sleeping with his sister" We put the guy down, c-collared him, stabilized the screwdriver, put out BPvests on and speeded of the scene in about 1 minute Elderly wheelchairbounded big lady slipped out of the safetyseat in her bath, I could no way get her out with my female colleague so called FD for manpower We get the lady seated upright in the bath, I step between the legs, a fire fighter behind her back and lift her out in rauteckhold when the fire monkey lifts the showerhandle up with his elbow...There I was standing with 200 pounds of patient in my hands untherneath an ice cold shower with six firefighter and my colleague laughing their ass of :roll:
  23. First one was not really funny at the time but is a regular comming back with the colleague I rode that night. We got a call from 911 dispatch " someone's called there's a child on a bike ran over and blocked untherneath a tram. I rush like crazy and arrive together with PD to find a drunk Morrocan lady in a long dress drunk as hell who fell over the tram rails? Since she thought we would not com to help her up since she was not even injured at all she "exagerated a little bit on the phone" Even since I called all other units back asap we had at least 10 cars ranging in PD, Ambulance, MUG, public transportation police and FD... I wonder i Fatima ever got a bill over this
  24. In a scoop and run scenario 30 minutes would be sufficient, but we rarely transport a patient while pumping, in a life threathening situation a Medical Urgence Group is called with a ER nurse and doctor and medication and stabilisation is done in the field, I have performed CPR in the field for over an hour several times with the Lucas we can go on as long as we have compressed air, worst case we could call in fire dep to supply the air.
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